Editor’s Note—July 2020

Editor’s Note—July 2020

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published July 2020

The July issue is filled with great editorial, and many of the topics that are discussed can lead to new avenues of business and improved business practices.

On page six, Henry Bockman with Commercial Restorations in Germantown, MD; John Tornabene with Clean County Powerwashing in Kings Park, NY; and Jim Gamble with Crystal Cleaning Company in Antioch, CA; share important tips on parking garage cleaning. Bockman says, “Access is the biggest challenge for cleaning parking garages.”

Tornabene shares that one problem that results from power washing garages is sludge. He comments, “…if you sweep the garage first, this helps to greatly reduce the [sludge] problem; so, rinsing becomes much easier and faster to do.”

Gamble shares his two biggest concerns are that contractors don’t charge enough for the job and don’t consider the volume capacity of their wastewater collection system.

The article is full of much practical information about parking garage cleaning. By reading it, you can decide if this is a service your company needs to add.

On page 20, the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) celebrates their 30-year anniversary, having started in 1990. Karl Loeffelholz with Mi-T-M talks about the beneficial relationships and the satisfaction of working toward a similar goal that belonging to CETA affords.

Gary Scott with Alkota Cleaning Systems remarks, “The most important part of CETA is the education that we bring to members.” While a lot of work and time has been required, Scott is thankful for the friendships that have come out of the service.

Gus Alexander with FNA Group comments about why he joined CETA. He explains, “Aligning our company with the organization that not only promoted industry growth but understood the value of setting standards for the products we sold was a key factor in my decision to join.”

Other articles have much to offer. On page 16, Beth Borrego continues her marketing series and deals with capitalizing on your company’s online presence.

Turn to page 28 to learn how Ben Hagemann, current president of CETA and CEO of American Pressure in Minnesota, has navigated COVID-19 and running a profitable business.

On page 32, Chris Schuelke with Cat Pumps and Ben Hagemann with American Pressure answer a series of questions about troubleshooting pumps.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence, have a happy Fourth of July and read the freedoms guaranteed to each citizen of the U.S. in the Bill of Rights!

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