What’s in a Name? CETA Scholarship Foundation

What’s in a Name? CETA Scholarship Foundation

By Jim O’Connell / Published April 2021

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The CETA Education Foundation announces changes resulting from deliberation of its board and the CETA Board of Directors. A name change to CETA Scholarship Foundation tops the list. 

     CETA Scholarship Foundation better reflects the mission to provide scholarship opportunities to CETA members, their families, and their employees. The name fits nicely alongside CETA University (reestablished in 2020), which serves the educational and informational needs of CETA members.

     The goal of the CETA Scholarship Foundation is to provide $2,000 scholarships to nine qualifying applicants annually. The criteria for being awarded a scholarship remain un-changed. The applicant must be a full-time student for the academic year beginning with the fall semester at a college, community college, technical college, university, or graduate school. Three scholarships will be awarded in each of the three eligible membership classes: manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. A ranking of applicants by an independent evaluator at an accredited university will determine scholarship recipients. If a qualified applicant cannot be identified in one or more of the membership classes, one (or more) at-large scholarship(s) will be awarded to the remaining applicant(s) with the highest ranking(s) regardless of his or her membership class.


     CETA member companies that sponsor scholarships gain recognition. Any member company may pledge any amount for scholarships. The company is then added as a sponsor on the scholarship and recognized at all CETA meetings. Funds donated beyond those required to support nine annual scholarships will be added to an endowment with the aim of creating a self-funding scholarship program.

     In 2021, contributors to the scholarship fund receive a raffle entry for every $100 donated (e.g., 20 tickets for $2,000). Raffle winners will be selected during the annual PowerClean held September 9–11, 2021, New Orleans, LA. (A tax and/or travel expense benefit may also be tied to donations; check with your accountant.) Raffle prizes in 2021 are a new original Henry Deluxe engraved rifle, 3rd edition ($3,800 value), a Benelli 20-gauge semi-automatic ($1,295 value), a double row diamond bracelet ($6,900 value), and a pave top soft bangle diamond bracelet ($1,290 value).)

     The CETA Scholarship Foundation is engaged in development of a five-year strategic plan. The plan will serve as a road map for the future and a guide for new members. The final plan will be shared with all CETA members.

     Past and current board members deserve thanks for their hard work and dedication. We could not do it without them. I am proud to be associated with such a caring group of individuals who are truly involved with promoting our industry and moving us forward into the future.

Jim O’Connell, Chairman
CETA Scholarship Foundation

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