The 2022 Professional Pressure Washing Chemical, Equipment, and Accessory Showcase

The 2022 Professional Pressure Washing Chemical, Equipment, and Accessory Showcase

Published November 2022

     Editor’s Note: It was good to be together and see everyone at PowerClean 2022. We had all missed meeting together and being able to view chemicals, equipment, and products in person. However, not everyone was able to make it to PowerClean this year, so Cleaner Times is excited to let you showcase your products in these pages.

Aaladin Cleaning Systems

8000 Series

     Experience the revolutionary 8000 series from AaLadin. These powerful, all-electric machines are capable of 2–4 gpm and 1200–3000 psi and are perfect for situations needing to stay free of open flames and exhaust fumes. They come equipped with top-of-the-line safety features, controls, and removable high-pressure heating elements that heat water instantly. You can be confident that your 8000 Series unit from AaLadin is future proof and ready to stand the test of time.

Aaladin Cleaning Systems

70 Series

     The 70 series from AaLadin has been purposefully built to offer the options that fit your needs while allowing you to experience the quality and value that come from the standard-bearer of an industry. Every machine contains AaLadin’s time-crafted, high-efficiency technology. This top-tier efficiency technology offers enough fuel savings compared to the industry standard that your machine pays for itself. This level of power and efficiency only comes from AaLadin’s 70 series.


BD Industrial Cold Water
Cabinet Series

     Alkota Cleaning Systems is proud to introduce our new BD series electric cabinet industrial cold-water washers with flow rates up to 5 gpm and pressures up to 3000 psi. The BD Series features a hinged cabinet, auto stop/start, belt drive, variable pressure wand, hour meter, 50-ft. hose gun, and wand. Available options: SS cabinet, float tank, 4-wheel cart, wall mount, floor stand, and chemical solenoids.

All Jetting Technologies Inc.

Waterblast Hoses

     High-pressure TOUGHJacket™ hoses for waterblast applications available from All Jetting Technologies. All Jetting Technologies Inc. is now distributing Parker Hannifin’s high- pressure TOUGHJacket™ waterblast hoses. The hoses are designed to eliminate the need for an additional PVC sleeve and reduce the hose weight up to 16 percent. This allows for ease of handling, improved productivity, and reduced operator fatigue. Contractors are loving the lighter weight and reliability of the TOUGHJacket™.

AR North America

BISW060 Series Cleaning Heads

     With more than 30 years’ experience in the production of washing and rotating heads, Bolondi and partner, AR North America, have been revolutionizing how we clean products today. Our BISW060 series cleaning heads have become the industry standard in terms of quality and reliability in the trash bin cleaning world. The Bolondi heads have significant advantages over competitors, such as better cleaning results, reduced water usage, reduced chemical usage, and reduced working costs.

AR North America

RK Series Reimagined

     Annovi Reverberi S.p.A has released the new RK series crankcase design. The third generation of the renowned AR RK series now has an improved crankcase and tagging system. AR now incorporates a laser-etched pump tag. New information on the tag includes QR manufacturing codes, bar codes, production manufacturing codes, and product codes.  AR can track the exact manufacturing testing data and quality control criteria results, trace any manufacturing variances, and identify all material sources with one scan for each pump.

BE Power Equipment

SW1165HC: Mobile Soft Wash System—11 gpm @ 200 psi

     Our soft wash cleaning system opens up a new world of possibilities for you. The Honda GX200 engine powers a Comet high-volume diaphragm pump that is designed to handle detergents while moving 11 gpm of water. This combination lets you wash soft materials such as cedar shingles, wood siding, and similar items. A soft wash cleaning system is a great cleaning tool, and when coupled with a pressure washer, there is nothing that can’t be cleaned.

BE Power Equipment

HW2765HG: Hot Water Pressure Washer—2700 psi, 2.8 gpm

     The Honda GX200-powered model joins our line of high-quality, hot water pressure washers. It’s a smaller and lighter platform that is still packed with top-quality components and great features, including a General TP2530 pump, a 12v Wayne burner with a low voltage inhibitor, a marine sealed battery, an adjustable thermostat, and 80 feet of heating coil, to name a few. It’s designed to give you a competitive edge.

Cat Pumps

Model 66DX Series Plunger Pumps

     Pressure wash contractors understand the value of reliable equipment. When there’s work to do, that’s no time for equipment failure or unplanned maintenance. This is why industry leaders choose Cat Pumps. With a reputation for designing and supplying the longest-lasting, most dependable pumps on the market, customers worldwide have trusted Cat Pumps for over 50 years. The 66DX series pumps are a great fit for pressure washer applications, providing solutions at 3 to 5 gpm and up to 4000 psi.

Chappell Supply and Equipment

Compact Wash Bay System

     Chappell Supply and Equipment is proud to showcase their compact wash bay systems. These come in a variety of pressure and flow options and are an excellent space saving option. These systems are cost efficient and easy to use. All compact wash bay systems come equipped with an industrial triplex pump, auto start/stop, five-gallon soap tank, 50-ft. hose reel with high-visibility safety hose, and added wall mount capabilities. For more information, contact Chappell Supply and Equipment at 1-800-525-4970 or visit www.chappellsupply.com.


The Rupture Disc and Directional Control Cone
3/8-in. MPT rated at 8000 psi rupture pressure

     “The Rupture Disc that works, every time you need it to.” Only at Coils-R-Us. Call (479) 549-3880.



GTL Series

     Cotherm’s bulb and capillary thermostats are specifically manufactured for temperature control in pressure washing applications. Made to withstand high pressures and offered with a variety of fittings, our thermostats are available in both standard and custom configurations in our Rhode Island warehouse. Visit us at  www.cothermna.com or Cotherm NA on LinkedIn and inquire more into what we have to offer. We stand behind our quality, competitive pricing, and customer service!


Industrial-duty LED Lights for C Series Model

     Coxreels introduces a new line of three industrial-duty LED lights now available on the C (dual purpose) reels. The new LED lights feature a 50,000-hour rating, internal light diffusers, and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. It also features adjustable steel hooks for hands-free placement. Whether you are looking for the compact LED light feature (-M), the LED light with the additional power source (-K), or the industrial-duty, UL-listed LED light (-H), these reels have the perfect features to complement a variety of applications.

Deco Products

SilaCast BES

     SilaCast BES is a non-hazardous polymer emulsion designed to enhance and create a wet look on porous concrete surfaces, such as concrete pavers, roof tiles, and natural stones. SilaCast BES penetrates deep into the substrate, enhancing the natural colors of the material. SilaCast BES is a single component sealer that can be easily applied with a garden sprayer or pneumatic canister. Coverage rate runs approximately 1,000 sq. ft. per five gallons, depending on substrate porosity.


Allison Pump

     Envirospec’s severe-duty Allison Pumps are the industry’s hardest-working, longest-lasting, high-pressure pumps. Designed with premium ceramic pistons, an oversized crankshaft, a large oil capacity, and heavy-duty bearings, you can be sure your pump is in it for the long haul. The pumps are available with a direct drive, belt drive, or a gear drive attached and also come “ready to go” with an unloader, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, and other accessories for an additional cost.


Super Suds Sucker

     The Super Suds Sucker is the industry’s highest-drawing chemical injector. Both brass and stainless-steel options are available. If using the injector with harsh chemicals, the stainless-steel construction is recommended. The injector comes standard with a long-lasting ceramic chlorine ball and Viton-O-ring. Additionally, the product comes with four nozzle inserts for use with 4 gpm to 12 gpm pressure washers.

Etowah Chemical Sales & Service

Super Chief Red Apple

     Super Chief Red Apple is specifically designed as a bleach addictive. It contains a red/pink dye that helps mark where the cleaner has already been applied. This reduces the overspray and eliminates chemical waste. The red apple scent will help mask the bleach odor. This surfactant is super concentrated. For roof washing add two quarts of Red Apple to 100 gallons of water and then run it through your proportioner; for house washing dilute one quart to 100 gallons of water and run through the proportioner.

Farley’s Inc.

Custom Machine and Heater Kits
800-522-COIL (2645)

     Farley’s Inc. has the capability and flexibility to meet your custom kit and metal fabrication needs for your specific application. These units can be manufactured for diesel, kerosene, propane, or natural gas. Fabrication is with mild steel or stainless steel, including stainless steel coils if needed. There are unlimited possibilities with these custom-made kits! Call Farley’s Inc. at (800) 522-2645; we look forward to hearing from you!

FNA Group/Delco

Delco Patriot 65146—CRX 680

     Cutting through grease and oil takes a tough hot-water machine, and Delco Patriot, with a powerful CRX 680 engine, is one of the toughest designed to meet all your cleaning needs. This model features a belt-driven industrial triplex pump, an adjustable thermostat, a 120V burner, a 3400W generator with accessory receptacles, and two large 17.5-gallon fuel tanks. For more information on this or our full Delco line, visit Delco-cleaning.com or email sales@delco-cleaning.com.

Graffiti Solutions

Elephant Snot® & Graffiti Removal Products

     Graffiti Solutions manufactures a comprehensive line of graffiti removal products that tackle everything from the toughest multi-color tags on brick walls to marks on the finest automobile finishes and everything in between. Elephant Snot® is a viscous gel that clings to vertical surfaces, resists drying out on sun-drenched walls, and is effective down to 20°F. Our readily biodegradable, low-odor, and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) products are easy to use and WILL make money for you.

Hannay Reels

SNC Reel Series
877-GO-REELS (467-3357)

     Hannay’s SNC (spray non-corrosive) reel series is ideal for the pressure-washing industry, built to handle 3/8-in. through 5/8-in. ID hose. Constructed in stainless steel and aluminum, SNC reels provide increased protection, even in volatile environments. SNCs are available in manual or power rewind, with an optional stack kit for tight spaces. Hannay offers high-quality, highly effective reels to suit the needs of a variety of industries and project scopes.  

Hi-Low Solutions

The Beast

     Hi-Low Solutions designed the BEAST to make large surfaces clean faster and easier with less effort and labor. It has four-ft., five-ft., six-ft, and seven-ft. surface cleaner interchangeable attachments to clean large surfaces. We’ve cleaned a 7,000-square-foot driveway while training, doing it twice in 30 minutes. The front loader has attachments to clean two different types of street gutters and curbs. If you have large surfaces, the BEAST is a no-brainer.


¼-in. Reaper—Rotating Sewer Jetting Nozzle

     Hydra-Flex’s newest—and smallest—nozzle brings the Reaper’s power and performance to residential plumbers and jetters. At just 1-in. wide and 2-in.  tall, it’s perfect for two to four-inch pipes and navigating the tightest spaces. The new ¼-in. Reaper completes jobs more than twice as fast as the competition—improved performance that saves you time, water, and money. Learn more and buy at hydraflexinc.com.


MCA555 cleaner

     HydraMotion is expanding our cleaning products for both horizontal and vertical flat surface cleaning. The SideWinder™ Surface Cleaner has always been our top selling pressure washer accessory, with its industry-best two-year warranty. One of our newest products is MCA555 mold and exterior cleaner, which produces superior cleaning results on all exterior surfaces. Another is our LFC821, which is a low- foaming, neutral pH formula for use in automatic scrubbers or with 

traditional mops with little to no rinsing in most applications. Email us at sales@hydramotion.us or call 800-726-1526 to become a distributor.

Ice Cobotics

Cobi 18

     Cobi 18 is a compact autonomous floor scrubber! Affordable: Starting at just $15 a day through ICE Cobotics’ all-inclusive subscription. Reliable: Cobi’s subscription includes fleet management, data analytics, a virtual resource center, customer support, repairs and replacement parts, and consumables. Easy: The intuitive UI (user interface) makes Cobi easy to operate and maintain. High Performing: Cobi delivers high-performance scrubbing across all types of hard floors. Sophisticated: Due to advanced navigation technology, Cobi navigates complex commercial environments. 

ITD Chemical LLC

Mark Shark Graffiti Remover

     Mark Shark Graffiti Remover is a premium graffiti remover designed for porous masonry surfaces such as brick, concrete, slate, granite, stucco, and other similar surfaces. Mark Shark soaks into porous surfaces, releasing paint from surface and sub-surface layers of masonry to remove the paint and its shadow. It works in cold, hot, wet, and dry conditions. Use full strength and watch it work in 10 minutes!

ITD Chemical LLC

Salt Shaker

     Salt Shaker is a premium truck wash product formulated specifically for use during the tough winter months. It is a heavy-duty concentrated detergent designed to remove heavy soil and road film, including salt, calcium chloride, and de-icing products used on winter roads. Finally, Salt Shaker contains a winter protection package that leaves behind a binding carnauba wax for shine and protection. This works on trucks, trailers, construction equipment, snowplows, boats, docks, and fifth wheels.

Largo Cleaning Systems

Largo Hot Boxes

     Largo Hot Boxes are the premium water heaters, with 125-degree heat rise and working pressure up to 4500 psi. Our spiral-wrapped, completely insulated, cold-rolled heating coils are efficient, durable, and guaranteed with a 5-year prorated warranty. We use only domestic coil pipe and high-quality Beckett burners that are legendary in the cleaning industry. It is designed to heat water for many applications. Thermostat-controlled hot water is ideal for removing grease, grime, dirt, road film, oil, de-icing, thawing, and make-up water for ready mix and many other applications.

Latimat 2.0

Latimat 2.0 Containment Mat

     The Latimat 2.0 Containment Mat has been designed to catch every product that is washed or de-iced. This includes (but is not limited to) de-icing planes, brake dust, oil, grease, car detailing, and detergents. It is our responsibility to supply you with reliable products to protect the environment from this waste going into our drains. The Latimat is portable and inflatable to ensure it is easy to set up and put away.

Lease Consultants Corporation


     EquipMoney by Lease Consultants Corporation is your fast, simple, and safe way to get financing for equipment purchases. The app offers a variety of payment plans that best fits your budget with instant approvals up to $25,000. Transactions take place online using e-documents and DocuSign to complete the transaction quickly and securely. Access the money you need at your fingertips at https://link.edgepilot.com/s/74eddd48/30McjsRoqEyVgzPa9VKPvg?u=http://www.equipmoney.com/ or call 800.235.2605.


Biological Water Treatment System

     The customizable Mi-T-M biological water treatment system features a closed loop system and is designed to effectively treat and recycle wash water for a variety of applications. The system utilizes coalescing media along with microbes to destroy bacteria and contaminants for the most environmentally friendly solution to treating wastewater. For over 20 years, Mi-T-M has designed and manufactured water treatment systems to efficiently treat, clarify, and recycle wastewater. These are available exclusively at your Mi-T-M Dealer.


Portable Electric HHB Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

     These powerful hot water pressure washers are designed for heavy-duty cleaning and can easily tackle tough grease, grime, and stubborn stains. The portable HHB Series features an open drip-proof electric motor and stainless-steel coil wrap heat exchanger and is multi-fuel capable. With a range up to 2500 psi, these hot water units include a 50-foot hose, adjustable pressure dual lance, and multiple nozzles for precise cleaning. They are available exclusively at your Mi-T-M Dealer.


Pressure-Pro Eagle Series

     The Pressure-Pro Eagle Series has been the standard for professional cold-water pressure washers. With its rugged and durable aircraft-grade aluminum frame with “no-welds” design, as well as dependable Honda and Kohler engines coupled with industrial-duty triplex plunger pumps, it has been the go-to for industry professionals. New flat-free tires mean it’s ready to work when you are. The unique vibration isolator system means your Eagle machine still does not walk! Eagle II is still assembled with pride by Americans in our U.S. factory.


Facile Spray Gun

     PA is proud to introduce a new and improved easy-trigger gun for professional use. The Facile spray gun is rated for 4500 psi and 10 gpm. Thanks to its innovative trigger mechanism, the gun features low trigger force both for opening and for holding, thus ensuring unmatched comfort for the operator. The low loss of pressure means a reduced speed for the water inside the gun, giving it a longer life span. A color-contrast tag with the client’s logo is available on request.


Industrial Hot Water Electric—Natural Gas

     The PowerJet industrial hot water electric—natural gas-fired unit is one of the most efficient and long lasting machines available. Its simple design includes a quick-clean burner system, quick-adjust air flow vents, a tip-ahead shroud, and a watertight control panel, which allow for ease of maintenance and use. This model is ideal for in-plant, service shops, and wash bay systems. A true game-changer! Call 877-765-9211 to find a dealer nearest you. Website: www.powerjetpressure.com.


Industrial Hot Water Diesel—Oil-Fired

     The PowerJet industrial hot water diesel—oil-fired unit was designed to be truck- or trailer-mounted for mobile washing. They are ideal for use within municipal, mining, oil fields, forestry, and industrial cleaning operations. These machines can be outfitted with 225-, 550-, or 740-gallon water tanks, mounted on fill and play skids, or upgraded to a variety of open and enclosed trailer packages. Call 877-765-9211 to find a dealer nearest you. Website: www.powerjetpressure.com.


Stallion Stampede Complete Gas-Powered Soft Wash System

     The Stallion Stampede’s small footprint and lightweight nature means it fits in small trucks and small trailers (L48 x W40 x H48). The low price means a quick ROI. The Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 6.5 hp powerplant and Comet pump push 11 gpm to the heights that commercial soft washers need. This kit also includes access to the Power Wash Academy including all training needed to successfully start and grow your soft washing business.

Propulse, A Schieffer Company

UberFlex Pressure Washer Hose

     ProPulse has upgraded the standard cold-water pressure washer hose to an innovative, lightweight, flexible, UV- and ozone-resistant consumer and commercial cleaning hose. The patented hose has a working pressure of 4000 psi and 140°F maximum temperature. UberFlex weighs over 10 percent less than the standard one-wire rubber hose, and the textured polyurethane cover offers less snagging and drag resistance, reducing user fatigue. Learn more about UberFlex and our other hoses at www.powermovingforward.com or email sales@powermovingforward.com.

RMX Industries

BluShield Pressure Washer Hose

     RMX Industries introduces the BluShield Kevlar-braided pressure washer hose. No more steel-braided hoses that are heavy, stiff, and dangerous. Kevlar is five times stronger than steel, lighter, and more flexible, making the BluShield hose the lightest, most flexible rubber, hot water pressure washer hose ever made. The hose is 40 percent lighter, 100 percent rubber, 4100 psi, hot water-rated to 250° F with a one-year warranty and black and non-marking gray options.  

RW Beckett

ADC Oil Burner

     The Beckett ADC oil burner is designed for applications where an AC power source is not an option. Available in two variations, the 12- and 24-volt DC-powered burners can be connected to a battery source for mobile jobs where uptime and operation consistency are required. Engineered and built with high-quality components, the ADC burners feature some of the lowest operating amps in the industry, which means you will have longer run times on a single charge, plus potted controls provide resistance to shock, vibration, and moisture.


SC-50 & SC-100

     Scaltrol’s hard-water solutions help commercial customers beat scale buildup, saving them from costly downtime and expensive maintenance repairs. To combat corrosion and scaling, Scaltrol scale control systems deposit a microscopic film of polyphosphate sequestrant to all surfaces using our patented venturi dispensing heads. Scaltrol units are easy to install because they are non-electrical, non-magnetic, and non-mechanical. To learn more, go to www.scaltrolinc.com or call 800-868-0629.



     Scaltrol’s industrial hard-water solution is for hot-water or cold-water applications requiring high-pressure and high-volume water. The Scaltrol SC-500 treats approximately 500,000 gallons of water, providing effective protection to your application from hard-water scale buildup, costly downtime, and expensive maintenance repairs. To learn more, go to www.scaltrolinc.com or call (800) 868-0629.


Contigo Pro Plus
844-US-STEAM (877-8326)

     The Contigo Pro Plus delivers temperatures as high as 250° F at the gun tip, with public information pointing to the coronavirus being deactivated when exposed to moisture and temperatures higher than 175° F. Delivering constant all-day steam with no recharge downtime, the Contigo features a large on-board, 1.32 gal. detergent tank and 1.32 gal. water tank with a direct-connect continuous water supply system. With its narrow profile, the Contigo is perfect for less accessible areas with three-phase power.

Suttner America Company

½-in. Stainless-steel Swivel Spray Gun (ST-2320)

     This spray gun has a comfortable, ergonomic hand-grip design and reduces fatigue. As an easy-pull spray gun it is designed for operators and applications with a high-volume of trigger cycling. This is a great spray gun for soft wash systems and for use in the food or automotive industries. It has a stainless-steel inlet swivel and outlet. With a ½-in. FPT threaded inlet, it easily attaches to ½-in. lances or nozzles. For more information, visit www.suttner.com or call (800) 831.0660.

Udder Tech Inc.

Waterproof Bibbed Overalls

     Udder Tech offers waterproof workwear that is lightweight and machine washable. The waterproof bibbed overalls can fit right over your regular clothes. They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to move around in. They have two front pockets, a chest pocket, and a secure inner-chest pocket that has a zipper and can be used to keep your phone or other smaller items. They are available in XS–4XL, with options for tall and extra tall.

Udder Tech Inc.

Waterproof Workwear

     Udder Tech offers waterproof workwear that is lightweight and machine washable. The waterproof bibbed overalls and jackets fit nicely over your clothes to keep you dry. The jacket is available with a unique thumbhole design that keeps your wrists and arms dry. For the best fit, put on the jacket with your thumb through the thumbhole and wear nitrile gloves over the top. This keeps any water from getting in your sleeves and running up your arms.

Udor USA

New NK-Series Pumps

     UDOR USA’s NK-Series Pumps feature improved components for greater durability. Pumps are available from 6.6 to 37.8 gpm and up to 7250 psi. Models with stainless-steel heads are also available. Drive options include a gear reduction for large-frame gas engines up to 40 hp; a 13T, 16/32 DP splined hollow shaft with SAE J744B hydraulic motor flange; and a 30mm solid, keyed shaft. For more information call 651-785-0666 or email info@udorusa.com.

Universal Trailer

UTS230 Single axle trailer

     Universal Trailer manufactures trailers specifically for the pressure washing industry. There are three standard trailers to choose from, or we can build a custom trailer to your specifications. Standard trailers come with a 48-in.  x 41 ½-in. steel mounting deck to mount your equipment, water tank, two heavy-duty reels, whip hoses for high pressure, and water inlet. It’s as simple as mounting the machine and hooking up the high pressure and inlet hose, and you’re ready to go. Just mount and go!



     VAL6 maintains class-leading performance and efficiency while bringing new innovations to the heating industry. In addition to the models industry professionals al-ready rely on, the new FIR Series brings all the benefits of infrared heating with none of the drawbacks of an open flame. The enclosed flame design safely protects the flame within the unit, away from guests. VAL6 continues to operate with far greater efficiency than competitors. Can you afford not to use VAL6?

Vector Chemicals

Simple Choice

     Simple Choice is an all-purpose concentrated cleaner/degreaser designed to clean virtually anything. Use full strength on tougher spots to remove heavy soil, grease, and grime. Dilute with water for all other cleaning such as floors, walls, appliances, carpets, fabrics, tools, and much more. Simple Choice is environmentally friendly, phosphate free, and 100 percent biodegradable.

Veloci Performance Products

SS10 Stainless Ball Valve (Part # 20.0052)


     Veloci Performance Products now offers the trusted DN10 in a 304 stainless-steel option. With increased demand of the versatile brass valve in corrosive environments, the new SS10 option allows for enhanced rust resistance while staying true to its lightweight and rounded frame. The SS10 will commonly be found at the base of the spray gun and can be used as a quick shutoff while transitioning between gun setups.


BB-14 Mobile Unit

     Since 1995 Watermeister has provided quality wash water filtration units at an affordable and fair price. Watermeister is continually looking for ways to improve our products. This includes listening to our customers’ ideas, and we have developed a complete stationary system and a single mobile recycle unit that can handle a higher volume than any unit we have offered in the past—up to 20 gpm.

X-Jet Technologies Inc.

The Original X-Jet and X-Jet M5

     The X-Jet nozzle is a contractor favorite with its true external injection system, introducing cleaning agents after your pump, hose, gun, lance, and fittings and reaching heights of up to 40 ft. or more depending on your machine. It is available as the Original X-jet and the adjustable X-Jet M5. Contractors cut labor time and save money on costly repairs on equipment by using an X-Jet nozzle.

X-Jet Technologies Inc.

DS Twist

     The DS Twist is a tough, adjustable downstream soft wash nozzle reaching heights of up to 60 feet dependent on your machine’s gpm, meaning no more switching tips to get different spray patterns and height reach. Enjoy versatility with a DS Twist and shoot! Email at sales@xjetnozzle.com or call 1-800-983-7467 to find a distributor near you or become one!

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