Scholarship Double Success

Scholarship Double Success

By Kathy Danforth / Published September 2020

Jaclyn and Elizabeth Hallaway—Two of the 2020 CETA Scholarship Winners

This year’s roster of winners of CETA scholarships includes two members of the same family—Jaclyn and Elizabeth Hallaway, daughters of Jay and Cherilyn Hallaway, who are also parents of William, age 14. Jay is engineering manager at Alkota, where he has worked for 32 years.

Having also received a CETA scholarship for her freshman year, Jaclyn, age 20, is heading back to Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD, as a junior to study nursing full time. “I did not want to go to either of the Division I universities in the state of South Dakota as the size intimidated me,” she states. “I toured Augustana University because I knew of their smaller size but favorable location in the largest city in South Dakota. On the tour I fell in love with the campus, the people who worked at the school, and the student environment.”

Another plus, according to Jaclyn, is the “strong reputation for an excellent nursing program.” Jaclyn notes, “I chose my major as nursing because I have always wanted to be in health care, and a BSN will provide me with many different career opportunity pathways and the freedom to explore where I fit best in the healthcare setting. I would say my mother being a healthcare administrator has influenced me the most in my future plans. Her position made me aware of and interested in working in healthcare, and she helped guide me to choose a major/career path that fit my personality and goals. I also want to give credit for my school, Augustana University, for influencing me and helping me improve as a person and as a future nurse and for helping me explore all the opportunities I will be open to with a BSN.”

So far at school Jaclyn has become involved by working on campus as a lifeguard. “That has given me many more opportunities to connect with the Augustana community and participate in community service projects. I have also become a member of multiple clubs, such as the Augustana Nursing Student Association and Volleyball Club.”

The Hallaway family—Jaclyn, Cherilyn, Elizabeth, Jay, and William

Elizabeth initially planned on following in her sister’s footsteps to become a nurse, but after looking at other options in the medical field, she decided to pursue pharmacy at South Dakota State University (SDSU) in Brookings, SD, as a freshman this fall. “I will be majoring in pre-pharmacy and hope to be accepted into their pharmacy program in the middle of my sophomore year. I chose pharmacy because I have always been interested in the medical field, and the study of pharmaceuticals is fascinating to me. I decided to attend SDSU because of its location in reference to Alcester, its size as the biggest college in South Dakota, and its incredible and fast doctor of pharmacy program.”

Both girls were very involved in high school sports, band, student government, and other activities. Their achievements demonstrate ambition, perseverance, and competence, which contributed to their being awarded the CETA scholarships; the breadth of their activities indicate time management skills that will be invaluable in college and beyond. Jaclyn’s activities included band (treasurer junior year), musicals, plays, volleyball (junior varsity captain sophomore year and varsity captain senior year), cheerleading, basketball management, track, graphic design (editor senior year), student council (vice president senior year), National Honor Society, community service projects, and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (treasurer junior year).

Elizabeth played varsity basketball and volleyball and ran track throughout high school, receiving multiple awards, such as volleyball offensive MVP her junior and senior years and also volleyball and football All-State Academic Award (as football stat girl). In band she served as drum major and received the John Phillip Sousa Award and Band Director’s Award. Elizabeth was FCCLA treasurer her junior and senior years, was involved on the yearbook staff and in school plays, and was elected student body president her senior year.


At home, shares Elizabeth, “We are a very close family who are very open with each other and like to take trips to Canton, SD, often for Dairy Queen runs.”

Jaclyn concurs, adding, “We are a very close family who enjoys spending time with one another, and as a result we put importance on having dinner together every night and hanging out afterwards, whether just watching TV together or going for ice cream.”

Jaclyn says, “I would say that my sister and I are very alike in our strong work ethic in everything we participate in, whether school activities or employment. I would also say we are alike in our overall interests such as sports, pop culture, fashion, etc. We also have the same sense of humor and close relationship with our family. As far as differences, the most obvious one is our looks; I have insanely curly hair, brown eyes, and freckles and am short, while my little sister is blue eyed with blonde, wavy hair and is much taller than me.”

The CETA Scholarship winners with their dad and Gary Scott

Elizabeth acknowledges that while they are very dissimilar in looks, “When it comes to personality, we share a lot more tendencies. We both happen to be very competitive and stubborn, often getting into small quips that we get over the next day. We both have a very silly and crazy sense of humor that saves no mercy for our parents, whom we often make fun of together. We grew up as best friends and have stayed that way even when Jackie left for college two years ago. With me also leaving home soon and going to college, it will be interesting to see how our relationship changes, as we both will be very busy with school and other commitments; but I know we will still make time for each other and stay best friends.”

Jay notes, “My daughters are the same in that they both are driven and are willing to put in the effort to get good results. They are different in the methods they use to get those results in that one is more of the meticulous planner and organizer, while the other is to a lesser degree and with a more carefree attitude.”

Both girls are appreciative of the CETA scholarship enabling more freedom from financial concerns so they can focus on studies at school. Jay says, “My daughters learned about the CETA scholarship through me. My oldest daughter, Jaclyn, was lucky enough to receive it two years ago; and now with two daughters attending college I am, of course, eager to help them find ways to finance that opportunity. The process for them was to take the time to fill out the application, which did require effort and planning.”

The pressure washing industry has provided more than scholarships and a living for the family. Jay points out that he and his wife have developed many friendships through the collaboration and events the industry provides. Jaclyn observes that her father’s job “has influenced me by making me aware of a global business that I otherwise would not know about. My father being a part of a company like Alkota also has helped to show me how a manufacturing business can be crucial for the economy of a small town as it provides a stable job with good benefits for a considerable amount of the town’s population.”

Elizabeth has had a more practical benefit from her father’s job. “My father being an engineer at Alkota meant I always went to him for help with math,” she relates. “There were many nights he stayed up with me figuring out different algebra and trig problems.”

Jay states, “My wife Cherilyn and I are very proud and lucky to have two daughters who have done well for themselves already. We think they have the ability to do great things.” The pressure washing community is also pleased to recognize their success and support them on their way!

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