Q&A with CETA Director Bryson Sharp

Q&A with CETA Director Bryson Sharp

Published July 2019

Editor’s Note: Bryson Sharp joined the CETA Board of Directors in 2019 and Cleaner Times believes it is important to profile those who are serving the industry and representing its interests.


What is your position/title at your company, and how long have you been with Northern Tool & Equipment?

I am the design engineering manager for Northern Tool & Equipment in the Engineering and Manufacturing Department. I’ve been with Northern Tool for 20 years.

What excites/intrigues you about the pressure washing industry?

I feel that the pressure washing industry is great because the products we deal with are helping people maintain their property, equipment, etc. In general, people take pride in their things and want to take care of them, and our industry helps people do that.

Why did you decide to join the CETA Board of Directors, and what do you hope to learn?

As part of the pressure washing industry, we feel that there are many benefits to being part of CETA and especially serving on the Board of Directors. I hope to continue to learn about the industry; network with other manufacturers, distributors, and customers; and stay aware of industry trends/changes.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy the challenge of problem solving, whether we are developing a new solution to help our customer’s cleaning problems, finding a solution to a design challenge, or working together as a team to keep our product development projects on schedule. I find satisfaction in discovering unique solutions to many of the problems that we all face.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

I have two daughters who are heavily involved with competitive dance. Most days, my wife and I are either at a dance competition or driving them to and from a dance class. At home, I enjoy woodworking and home improvement projects. 

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