PWNA—Making the Most of Every Day

PWNA—Making the Most of Every Day

Published October 2020

Ty Eubanks responds to questions from Cleaner Times (CT) about how the PWNA (Power Washers of North America) is making the most of every day. Eubanks is the vice president of PWNA and the president of South Shore Building Services Inc. in Anaheim, CA.

CLEANER TIMES (CT): Please remind readers about the scope of PWNA.

     Eubanks: The PWNA is a nonprofit organization with an elected board of directors (BOD). These individual business owners volunteer their time and resources to positively influence its members and collaboratively move the industry forward. Through the support of our executive director, Marie Reinsel, the PWNA and the board of directors are positioned to be a valuable resource to those individuals seeking guidance and solutions during these challenging times. [Contact via www.pwna.org.]

CT: How has meeting the challenges of the shutdowns and their cause strengthened PWNA?

     Eubanks: The impact of COVID-19 on the business environment is undeniable. PWNA has had to reflect on our business model and seek out opportunities to come alongside our members and explore value-added resources during these unique times. COVID-19 has accelerated our commitment to develop and offer a valuable online curriculum to our current and prospective members.

CT: Did PWNA substitute any virtual meeting experience for the in-person meeting that had to be cancelled?

     Eubanks: As part of our commitment to online resources, our PWNA safety director, Michael Draper, has conducted Zoom calls for various educational classes. The most recent example is respirator training. Additionally, our PWNA president, Bo Josetti, has performed Zoom calls for our Facebook family and friends to review upcoming online educational opportunities and field questions from our members.

CT: Are there upcoming PWNA training and education sessions that our readers should consider enrolling in?

     Eubanks: The cornerstone of the PWNA is our emphasis on education. The educational committee is tirelessly working on expanding our online training and certification presence with multiple options. Members have access to online safety training as well as certification classes. These classes include a membership compliance package, kitchen exhaust certification, roof cleaning certification, DOT training, and wood restoration. [For more information see the education section at the association website.]

CT: Can you remind our readers why membership in PWNA is important for contractors, particularly the benefits and resources they gain?

     Eubanks: Association involvement is critical to success for all industries. The learning curves absorbed through “experience sharing” are vital for responsible and exponential growth. Becoming an active member of the PWNA allows a business owner to seek out answers to time-sensitive challenges by networking with members having similar experiences. Membership in the PWNA is akin to being part of a family of business owners committed to responsibly scaling their individual organizations. Therefore, you have a group of like-minded individuals available at a moment’s notice to provide valuable knowledge and wise counsel. The association allows companies to have up-to-date access to the latest technologies and business practices. Join today. There has never been a more impactful time to become a member of the PWNA and tap into its valuable resources.

CT: What initiatives/events does leadership of PWNA anticipate for 2021?

     Eubanks: The PWNA regrettably had to cancel our October Reno, NV, PowerClean convention. Over the next 12 months the PWNA education committee will assess the opportunity to conduct regional trainings and networking events. Currently, we have a regional event in the planning stages for Shingle Creek in Orlando, FL, in late January 2021.

Announcing: 2021 Convention

For more information and to register, go to pwna.org.

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