Pressure Washing Equipment, Chemical, and Accessory Showcase

Pressure Washing Equipment, Chemical, and Accessory Showcase

Published November 2020


71-Series High-Efficiency Stationary NG/LP Fired Pressure Washer

     AaLadin’s 71-Series is in a class of its own. At 98 percent efficiency, the 71-Series boasts the highest efficiency of any pressure washer on the market and is designed to be vented with CPVC. These machines are ETL listed, use 38 percent less fuel on average, and reduce negative environmental impact. They operate with up to 6 gpm flow and 3000 psi. With a long list of exclusive features, these machines are second to none and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

All Jetting Technologies Inc.

TOUGHJacket™ Waterblast Hoses

    High pressure TOUGHJacket™ hoses for water blast applications available from All Jetting Technologies. All Jetting Technologies Inc. is now distributing Parker Hannifin’s high pressure TOUGHJacket™ waterblast hoses. The hoses are designed to eliminate the need for an additional PVC sleeve and reduce the hose weight up to 16 percent. This allows for ease of handling, improved productivity, and reduced operator fatigue. Contractors are loving the lighter weight and reliability of the TOUGHJacket™.

BE Power Equipment

BE Commercial Series

     BE Commercial Series 4 gpm, 4,000 psi, gas- diesel-fired hot water pressure washers are engineered for professional users to deliver serious hot water cleaning capability. Features a triplex pump with forged brass manifold, performance proven engine, and electric start. The heavy-duty steel roll-cage, carbon steel heating coil, and stainless-steel coil skin provide extra durability. 20-Point inspection ensures quality and durability on these Canadian-built units—The Power You Need.

BE Power Equipment

BE Industrial Series

     BE Industrial Series 3,500 psi 5.0 gpm gas, cold water belt drive pressure washers are powered by performance proven Honda GX690 Engine. Engineered for professional users who require dependable all-day use to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Features General Pump triplex pump with oversized roller bearings and fully-anodized crankcase. Aluminum belt drive, external unloader, and brass quick connects. The powder coated steel frame prevents corrosion and is ideal for mounting at the back of your truck or truck. B3524HTBG—The Power You Need.

Chappell Supply and Equipment

Compact Wash Bay System

     Chappell Supply and Equipment is proud to showcase their compact wash bay system. It features an excellent space saving option. The system is also cost efficient and easy to maintain with variable pressure control on the lance. In addition, it comes equipped with an industrial triple pump, auto start/stop, a five-gallon scoop tank, 200-ft. hose reel, 50-ft. high-visibility safety hose, and wall mount capability. For more information, contact Chappell Supply at 800-525-4970 or visit www.chappellsupply.com.

Etowah Chemical Sales and Service

Sure-Klean Concentrate

     Sure-Klean is a super concentrate cleaner for washing trucks, trailers, and equipment. It also contains QR-1000, a quick release surfactant specifically for use with oil/water separators. Our customers have found many uses for this product.

Farley’s Inc.

Custom Machine and Heater Kits
800-522-COIL (2645)

     Farley’s Inc. has the capability and flexibility to meet your custom kit and metal fabrication needs for your specific application. These units can be manufactured for diesel, kerosene, propane, or natural gas. They are fabricated with mild steel or stainless steel, including stainless steel coils if needed. There are unlimited possibilities with these custom-made kits! Call Farley’s Inc. at (800) 522-2645—we look forward to hearing from you!

FNA Group/ Delco


     Cutting through grease and oil takes a tough hot-water machine, and the Patriot is one of the toughest. As one of Delco’s top-of-the-line models, the Patriot line features premium Comet and GP® triplex pumps, powerful v-twin engines, 20-in. heater coils, high-capacity fuel tanks, onboard dual outlet generators, the patented Axialign pump mount system, and so much more. For more information on the Patriot and the full Delco line, visit delco-cleaning.com or email sales@delco-cleaning.com.

Garnett’s Pressure

3rdhand Safety Accessory

     3rdhand is a safety accessory used to reduce hand fatigue while operating various gun-triggered equipment (a temporary trigger lock). Some of our clients include amusement parks, sports stadiums, livestock processing facilities, city sanitation departments, and many others. Are you interested in this unique product to add to the inventory or as an add-on bonus to machines? Contact try3rdhand.com or call 321-624-4668.

Hannay Reels

1500 Series Hose Reel

     Hannay’s 1500 Series reels are specially engineered to handle high pressures and long lengths of hose, making them ideal for jetting operations and clearing pipe blockage and build-up. These reels are highly versatile and easy to mount on a variety of utility vehicles. The 1500 Series can handle standard pressures from 3,000–10,000 psi and is available in manual or power rewind options. For additional information, visit us at www.hannay.com or call 877-467-3357.

Hydra-Flex Inc.

Marksman™ Long-Distance Cleaning Nozzle

     The Marksman™ is a zero-degree static linear flow long-distance cleaning nozzle, designed to keep operators safer and more efficient while drastically reducing water consumption. With a controlled flow that provides optimal cleaning impingement over 20 ft., the Marksman is an ideal fit for cleaning corrosive environments like lift stations. The nozzle requires the use of a 6 ft. minimum lance.

Hydrus Detergents

Luma Polish 2

     Luma Polish 2 is a degreaser/aluminum brightening acid cleaner for the transportation industry. A super-concentrated blend of acids, biodegradable surfactants, and degreasing agents paired with a heavy corrosion inhibitor package makes Luma Polish 2 very economical. Perfect for use on trucks, trailers, and other vehicles where chrome, polished aluminum, stainless steel, glass, or non-ferrous metals exist. Works with a downstream injector in hard or soft water. Removes bugs, glass streaks, brake dust, tough smoke, carbon, grease, oils, nano paint oxide layers, and built-up road film.


Custom Hose Assemblies

     Custom hose assemblies from Kleen-Rite: Easy, economical, and smart. Forget investing in crimpers and bulk reels of hose that will just sit around taking up space! Kleen-Rite puts together the best hose and fixture combinations at the lowest industry prices, with custom lengths from 1–20 feet and 25-, 50-, 100-, and even 150-foot assemblies. Choose from 1/4- or ⅜-inch diameters, and color code for easy identification! Fit out your car wash right with Kleen-Rite!

Lafferty Equipment®

SS Chemical Foam/Spray/Rinse Systems

     Industrial foamers and sprayers for professional grade pressure washers. Dilute one or more chemicals on demand—including strong dilution ratios for roof washing. Hose-end attachments and downstream configurations feature stainless-steel injectors, ball valves, and quick connects. Quickly switch between soft wash foaming at close or long range, chemical spraying, and high-pressure rinsing. View our illustrated selection guide at www.laff.io/pw-guide.

Midland Industries

Brass Fittings

     Midland Industries strives to be your source to help you deliver the value and service your customers expect. Our fittings are made consistently to a high standard of quality and to the specifications in our catalog and website. This means you buy with confidence knowing you will receive the same high quality fitting every time.

Pressure Systems/Mist Air

The Ice Cube

     The Ice Cube is a power washing and comfort system with outdoor cooling and is available for distribution. The power washing comes in all sizes and volts, remote control, 4000 psi available, stainless and brass plumbing, and low rpm and maintenance. The comfort systems with outdoor cooling comes with 1,250 psi mist, a six-year guarantee, stainless line, fly and skeeter control, and virus decontamination.

     It is manufactured with a carbon epoxy frame and thermo-molded cover. Contact Bill Sommers at 602-253-6200 or email wms@psi-mistair.com.

PSC Pressure Systems Company

Engineered Cleaning System

A PSC Engineered Cleaning System can be built to meet specific design requirements for virtually any low,
medium, or high-pressure washing or pumping application. Our commitment to design excellence and quality manufacturing, supported by qualified and responsive personnel, ensures superior system performance and reliability.
For more information on PSC products, call 800-246-9689, email info@
pscclean.com, or visit www.pscclean.com.


Aftermarket Pressure Washer Parts and Accessories

    Spraymart is your one-stop resource for aftermarket pressure washer parts and accessories. With more than 12,000 products in stock and exclusive access to Legacy and A+ brands, you won’t find a better partner to supply your needs. Working together with our knowledgeable staff, we will deliver the right product solution for your business every time. Our people make the difference. Give us a call and experience first-rate customer service unmatched in the industry today.


Legacy Hoses

    Available exclusively from Spraymart, the Legacy high-pressure hose is built to exceed the EN1829-2 Standard and will provide superior abrasion resistance that will increase the life of the hose. Rated up to 250 °F, the single- and double-wire braid hoses are available in 4000 and 6000 psi. A “bite-the-wire” coupling actually reaches the wire braid for never-slip retention, far superior to the compression fittings used on conventional hoses.


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