PowerClean 2018—An Orlando Success Story

PowerClean 2018—An Orlando Success Story

Published December 2018

The Caribe Royale Convention Center in Orlando, FL, played host to PowerClean 2018 starting on Wednesday, October 18, through Sunday, October 21. The Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) and Power Washers of North America (PWNA) co-located for the first time this year with a common goal: Two Teams. One Vision. Advancing the industry forward.

So, was the goal met? Ben Hagemann serves as executive vice president of CETA, and he provides:

CETA has seen some changes in the last few years, and the board has been working hard to make sure we are adjusting and adapting to the needs of the industry. Every decision follows careful discussion and planning. We work hard to discover information from past decisions and build on that knowledge to benefit our industry while staying with the key principles that CETA was founded upon.

PowerClean 2018 was an experiment to see how two different groups could come together for a joint event for mutual benefit. I think it was a success. CETA dealers have unique knowledge and locality to assist PWNA members with quality equipment, correct parts, cost-efficient service, and timely knowledge. CETA wants to increase knowledge and proper use of pressure washer washers, and I see a relationship between a PWNA member and a CETA distributor as a great vehicle to accomplish that task. I hope that message will be clearer in the future.

The feedback I have heard from vendors at the show has been positive: more traffic and better exposure in markets. I personally enjoyed the smaller venue with no bus travel and having the trade floor, events, meetings, classes, and hotel rooms all at the same facility. More seating at the classes would also be great; we saw packed classrooms this year with the standing areas also crowded.

CETA is strong as an organization, and the CETA board and staff has worked hard to develop a strategic plan that we are executing. This plan will help keep focus of the organization on key objectives that have been identified and strategies to accomplish those objectives.

Serving as president of PWNA, Andy Reinsel shares:

I feel PowerClean 2018 was a success. We are compiling information and reviews to see what we can do to improve the attendees’ experience and better serve our members. In my opinion, our biggest hurdle is adjusting the class schedules to fit in with both organizations. There is so much great information but not enough hours in the day to take it all in. This was by far the best tradeshow floor we have ever seen with CETA/PWNA under one roof. We will be having talks with CETA to see what the future has in store.

Though it will be 2019 before we know what the future holds, 2018 brought a great start to PowerClean with its co-location of two wonderful organizations—CETA and PWNA. The future is exciting to contemplate.

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