Opportunities In Wood Restoration And Preservation

Opportunities In Wood Restoration And Preservation

By Russell Cissell – Woodrich Brand / Published March 2024

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There’s pride and satisfaction that comes with owning your own business, especially one that provides a valuable skill. The sense of accomplishment is even sweeter when the business involves a niche skill such as wood restoration and preservation. This is a specialty that not every contractor dares to venture into, but those who do enjoy its benefits, including the ability to command higher rates compared to many other contract cleaning jobs.

As a contractor specializing in wood restoration and preservation, the opportunities are wide-ranging. With the right blend of tools, skills, and specialty restoration products, contractors can tackle a diverse array of projects that return healthy profit margins.

Boardwalks, for instance, serve as the arteries of our coastal towns, bearing the relentless foot traffic and the unyielding forces of nature. They weather and decay, losing their charm and safety over time. Their restoration isn’t just about reviving their allure but also about ensuring they can continue to serve their communities safely. This type of project often involves working with municipalities. Boardwalk projects can be expansive, so they represent an excellent earning opportunity for a professional restoration contractor.

Decks, another common project, are integral to the American home, hosting countless backyard barbecues, idyllic afternoons, and neighborhood gatherings. The relentless weather and general wear and tear take their toll. Restoring them not only elevates their aesthetic appeal but also enhances their life span, presenting a lucrative opportunity for skilled contractors. Wood decks represent an opportunity for contractors to develop repeat business through service contracts.

Fences, too, offer a wealth of opportunities. They do more than mark boundaries; they contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a home. However, they can discolor, warp, or rot over time, diminishing their functional and aesthetic roles. Through restoration and preservation, these weatherbeaten fences can be restored to their former glory. In addition to individual homeowner opportunities, you can also contract with neighborhood associations to preserve and protect their extensive fences.

Gazebos are the crown jewels of gardens and backyards, providing a quaint retreat within one’s own property. They are, however, constantly exposed to the elements, which can lead to discoloration, warping, and rotting. Preservation is crucial not only for maintaining their charm but also for ensuring their structural integrity. Gazebo projects aren’t always the largest, but they almost always produce images that look great in your portfolio.

Log cabins require care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. This type of project is usually well beyond the capabilities of most homeowners, so they count on professional contractors to help them protect their investments. Taking care of log cabins requires a bit more knowledge than the average deck job. This is why professionals who specialize in this type of work command some of the highest rates in the wood restoration or preservation game. Another bonus—working on log cabins will often take you to some of the most gorgeous jobsites in your territory!

Outdoor wood furniture brings comfort and style to any outdoor living space. However, its constant exposure to weather extremes can rapidly accelerate its wear and tear. Restoration and preservation can significantly extend its lifespan, making the pieces look as good as new.

Wood siding, from the rustic “Split D” siding resembling logs to the traditional lap siding, lends an organic and charming look to homes. However, elements like moisture, pests, and UV rays can lead to deterioration over time. Restoring wood siding is about more than just aesthetic appeal—it also ensures the homes continue to remain insulated and protected. Quality wood restoration products, expert advice, and support from suppliers can help contractors breathe new life into weathered wood homes. Like log cabins, wood-sided home restoration projects draw premium prices.

Cedar shake shingles have a unique appeal but can be one of the most challenging aspects of wood restoration. They’re not just subjected to the same weathering as siding but also take the full brunt of every environmental condition, from sunlight to rain and snow. Restoring them is a delicate task, often necessitating specialized equipment like lifts. Despite the challenges, the restoration and preservation of shingles is a rewarding and high-value task. With the right equipment, trusted products, and a bit of grit, contractors can masterfully restore these roofs and command top dollar.

One of the greatest advantages of working in wood restoration and preservation is the amount of “referral work” that comes from the jobs you complete. Done properly, any wood restoration project results in a stunning transformation that captures the attention of anyone within eyeshot. The contrast between raw unfinished wood and a completed project that has been freshly stained can’t go unnoticed. This makes new construction projects a fantastic opportunity to showcase your talents and attract prospective new clients. Working with builders is a great way to keep your calendar full if you have the right products and skills to take on new construction projects.

Russell Cissell is the founder of Woodrich Brand by Extreme Solutions, Inc., and a leading authority in exterior wood restoration and preservation. With decades of hands-on experience, starting from restoring cedar homes to eventually developing a line of specialized wood care products, Russell has paved the way for innovative solutions in the industry. Located north of St Louis, MO, Woodrich Brand provides high-quality restoration products nationwide, offering predictable results with backing from Russell’s expert guidance. Wood restoration professionals have trusted products like Extreme Solutions HD-80 Heavy Duty Stripper since before the turn of the century. For more information, visit WoodrichBrand.com.

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