It’s the People: The Keys to Mi-T-M’s Success

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It’s the People: The Keys to Mi-T-M’s Success

Submitted by Karen Anderson / Published February 2014



Zig Ziglar once said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Thus, establishing goals—whether in business, in relationships, or in your personal life—are vital to success. Mi-T-M has been well served by their company’s goals, which were set down on paper more than 43 years ago. Their goals are to build the highest quality equipment possible and offer the best customer support. Although he has been recognized many times for his social and business contributions, A.J. Spiegel is quick to put it all in perspective, “Mi-T-M is a company of very talented people who enjoy working for a common purpose—build the highest quality equipment possible and then support it like no one else in the business.”

With more than 350 employees contributing to the success of Mi-T-M, space will only allow a few of these key persons to be highlighted. The day-to-day operations of Mi-T-M are overseen by a board of directors that include:

Sam Humphrey, President

President of the company since 1998, Humphrey leads the Mi-T-M management team in their continuous effort to improve business practices and manufacturing efficiencies and to enhance customer relations. The scope of his leadership has spanned virtually to all aspects of Mi-T-M. Humphrey has been instrumental in the growth of Mi-T-M since he joined the company in 1991. “We would not be the company we are today if we had been satisfied to just produce pressure washers,” states Humphrey. “We’ve constantly looked for new ways to grow in importance to our most valuable partner, our customers.”

Dana Schrack, Vice President

Schrack focuses on sales growth, new product development, and brand awareness, all while keeping an eye on Mi-T-M’s coveted customer service. Since 1990, Schrack has played a key role in the growth initiative at Mi-T-M, both in the diversity of our product offering and building a strong customer base.

Tom Allendorf, CFO

Allendorf is an integral part of the Mi-T-M executive team and plays a major role in the success of the company. A strategic thinker, the financial well-being of Mi-T-M is never far from his mind. “As we discuss tactical growth, my colleagues look to me to make sure it fits into our long-term financial plan.” says Allendorf.

Steve Gaul, Director of Materials

Gaul has served as Director of Materials for Mi-T-M since joining the company in 1997. Gaul is responsible for the overall supply chain strategy for Mi-T-M. He remarks, “My goal is to continually improve our supplier compliance processes to make sure that only the best components possible go into Mi-T-M equipment.” As a member of the Mi-T-M executive team, Gaul plays a vital role in Mi-T-M’s growth, profitability, and competitive positioning in the industrial marketplace.

Pat Siegert, Director of Mi-T-M Fabrication Division

Siegert has served as Director of the Mi-T-M Fabrication Division since 2000 and says, “My greatest career accomplishment is shifting the outsourcing of our fabricated parts to where we are today. More than 90 percent of Mi-T-M’s parts are fabricated in-house now.” Not only has Siegert successfully transitioned the fabrication of Mi-T-M parts to in-house production, but the Mi-T-M Fabrication Division is also a contract fabricator for other manufacturers and is considered one of the best in the industry.

Dennis Roling, Director of Production

Roling began his career at Mi-T-M in 1976 as the fifth employee of the company. Today, he is the Director of Production responsible for making sure materials, equipment, and resources are available as needed to maintain product schedules. “I am very fortunate to manage a team-oriented workforce that continually strives to improve our manufacturing processes,” states Roling. Identifying improvement opportunities is always at the forefront for Roling. He has been instrumental in overall strategic initiatives that have increased production volumes while reducing operating costs at Mi-T-M. Roling will retire from Mi-T-M in September of 2013 after a 37 year career.