Editor’s Note—September 2021

Editor’s Note—September 2021

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published September 2021

     Welcome to September. This issue of Cleaner Times reports on kitchen exhaust cleaning, manufacturing facilities cleaning, and house washing. Opportunities abound for contract cleaners. There is also an important article by Beth Borrego on “Setting Up Your Home Office,” and Diane Calabrese has written on the importance of distributors as being the vital link for contractors. 

     On page 6, Diane Calabrese writes about kitchen exhaust cleaning. She notes, “Kitchen exhaust cleaning is not for everyone, but it is a specialty in demand.” Contractors should consider if it’s a service they want to supply.

     Joey Hilliard is COO/CEO of Hydro-Clean Services in Beaumont, TX, and he says patience is essential in the hood cleaning business. He remarks, “It’s a hard business…you have to build a clientele up.” However, he has seen success in the specialty niche for 30 years now.

     Paul Schneider is the owner of Ability Services in Champaign, IL.  He says about training, “Whomever one chooses to train with, realize that you have moved into the fire protection arena, and that the job needs to be done correctly because lives and property are at stake.”

     On page 16, the CETA Edge column article is “Why a Contractor Should Work with a Distributor.” Jim O’Connell is president of Hotsy Pacific in Modesto, CA, and he remarks, “With the local distributor, the contractor will gain a trusted business partner.” This trusted business partner can help match equipment to application, provide ongoing equipment maintenance support, and assist a contractor in knowing the regulatory and compliance issues faced in that area.

     Beth Borrego has written about setting up your first office on page 40. She points out the importance of setting up your office so you can work efficiently and effectively. Borrego says you should start with minimum furniture, select a laptop or PC that will last a while, store frequently used items in arm’s reach, obtain a dedicated business phone, and much more.

     Cleaner Times is looking forward to seeing many of you in New Orleans at PowerClean 2021. Please drop by booth 503 so we can have the opportunity to meet you in person.

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