Editor’s Note—September 2020

Editor’s Note—September 2020

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published September 2020


September has arrived, and with it comes the fall season. Temperatures will start to fade from the heat and humidity of summer into the dry and crisp air of fall. Leaves will begin to change colors, and there will start to be less daylight. For those who are football fans, hopefully you’ll get to watch the players run, catch, and tackle on the gridiron.

If all goes well, you’ll also get a chance to benefit from reading the September issue of Cleaner Times.  On page 6, you can gather tips from the article “What a Contractor Looks for in a Distributor.” What’s the advantage of a contractor working with a single distributor? Michael Hinderliter is president of Steamaway Inc. in Fort Worth, TX, and he remarks, “The more buying power a contractor has with one distributor, the more likely the contractor is to get better support for his needs.”

Doug Rucker is owner of Clean and Green Solutions in Porter, TX, and he notes the main function of a distributor is to serve the customer. “When needed, being able to contact the owner or person in charge with the most expertise was huge for me,” he says.

On page 12, you can read about two sisters, Jaclyn and Elizabeth Hallaway, who are two of this year’s CETA Scholarship winners. Their dad, Jay Hallaway, is engineering manager at Alkota and has worked for them for 32 years. Stay tuned to read about all nine CETA Scholarship winners in the October issue.

Beth Borrego continues her marketing series on page 24. This month’s article details how to list your business online in various directories. It also deals with steps to take to set up an email campaign and the elements to look for in a good email program.

Additional articles provide coverage on the importance of employee cross training, characteristics of a good manager, character qualities of a valuable employee, and the necessary steps needed to clean meat and poultry processing plants.

Enjoy the fall season and drop me a line at mhamline@fcapgroup.com when you have a moment.

Michael Hamline
(800) 525-7038

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