Editor’s Note—November 2017

Editor’s Note—November 2017

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published November 2017

A little history refresher on the origins of Thanksgiving is in order this month. According to the History.com website (www.history.com/topics/thanksgiving/history-of-thanksgiving), a small ship called the Mayflower set sail with 102 folks from Plymouth, England, in September 1620. Many were leaving for religious reasons, looking to escape persecution and worship freely in a new land, and others were looking forward to a chance at prosperity and owning land. They settled in Plymouth, MA, and the harsh winter of 1620 left just under half of them alive by the spring of 1621, when they received help from several Native Americans to learn how to grow food and survive in the new land. In November 1621, after their first successful corn harvest, the Pilgrims and their Native American allies celebrated for three days the “first thanksgiving.” The Pilgrims were expressing their thankfulness to their Creator, God, who had sustained them and provided them with food.

What does the history of Thanksgiving have to do with the November issue of Cleaner Times? Simply put, the pressure washing industry has much to be thankful for. The thankfulness is for the provision of food, clothing, houses, and more that are provided by God through the hard work of those who make pressure washing equipment, those who sell/distribute it, and those who use it to clean dirty surfaces.

At the CETA Annual Convention which was held in Las Vegas this year, a letter was read from the Purswell family, owners of Alklean Industries in the Houston area, who had a daughter-in-law greatly affected by Hurricane Harvey. The letter thanked many of those attending the CETA convention for providing help and support during a significant trial in this family’s life.

As you read Terri Perrin’s article on Molly Lembezeder on page 6, please realize that this young woman has been attending the University of North Iowa (UNI) in part due to the generosity of the CETA Education Foundation as she is a recent scholarship winner. She is thankful for the financial support, and in turn the article highlights how Lembezeder has been helping young students improve their abilities and love of reading. She is also part of an annual dance marathon at UNI that raises funds for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). There’s much in this story to give thanks for.

Happy Thanksgiving from Cleaner Times, and enjoy the holiday with your family and friends!


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