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A Tale of Excellent Customer Service

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published November 2014

Recently, my wife’s phone fell onto the floor and the screen cracked. Since my wife had her phone for more than four years, we decided it was worth making a trip to our local AT&T store and upgrading to a new phone. From the moment we stepped up to the door, we received excellent customer service.

Samantha, the lady who assisted us, greeted us at the door, held it open for us, and welcomed us inside. When she asked, “How may I help you today?” you could tell she was sincere in wanting to assist us. Samantha actively listened to my wife describe what had brought us to the store, she proceeded to walk my wife through several different phone options (she knew her products), and she helped us change to a plan that is actually going to save us money on our monthly bill. She even engaged in conversation with my two young boys and showed an interest in them rather than seeing them as  a nuisance. We left the store as satisfied customers because we received excellent customer service from Samantha. As an excellent representative for AT&T, she is the reason why we will continue to be loyal customers.

In this issue, we hear from some who have been involved for many years in the pressure washing industry and highlight the importance of excellent customer service. Take their counsel to heart. Dave Hildebrand at Barens, Inc. remarks, “For the most part, customers simply wish to be handled with respect and treated like they are number one, which they are.” Jake Clark at Armstrong-Clark points out the importance of having a knowledgeable, friendly person answer incoming calls to the business. Customers love having someone thoroughly answer their questions as Samantha did for my wife. An additional piece of sage advice comes from Clark, when he says, “A happy customer will generally tell others.” I am proof of that because I have taken this entire column to highlight the excellent customer service we received from Samantha at AT&T. My point here is to encourage you to put a premium on providing excellent customer service. It will pay dividends.

If you have any questions for me, I would love to answer them and can be reached by e-mail at Michael@adpub.com. Also, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Hamline
(800) 525-7038