Editor’s Note—May 2020

Editor’s Note—May 2020

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published May 2020

The May magazine has a focus on safe work practices. In the article “Safety and Protective Gear in Hot Weather” on page 6, Diane Calabrese writes about personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements in hot weather. Summer is right around the corner—the first day is June 20—so this is a good reminder of best work practices. Advice given in the article is to acclimatize to warmer temperatures by gradually increasing activity with more frequent breaks and working shorter intervals. Wearing light-colored clothing and footwear that still meets PPE requirements and working in the morning and evening, while
taking a break during the hottest part of the day, are other good steps to take.

Another article, “First Aid in the Field,” appears on page 16. “Remain calm” are the first words of advice. Leighton Light, safety engineer at Chappell Supply and Equipment, says, “Basic first aid knowledge for those in the field is a powerful tool and can save your life.” When there is a medical incident in the field, first aid is administered before turning the situation over to the medical professionals. Part of first aid training is learning how to describe the situation to a 911 operator in a calm manner.

In light of the stay-at-home orders given for many states in the U.S. in order to attempt to lessen the spread of COVID-19, many are facing great economic challenges. Mark Battersby has written the article “A Business’s Guide to Virus Survival” on page 22. He examines the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and what this legislation means for those in the pressure washing industry. Please read the article and see what can be done from your end to use this assistance to keep your business going and employees working.

Don’t forget that this month we remember Memorial Day and those who have given their lives to provide us our way of life. Remember them and thank their families for this greatest sacrifice. While we are expressing gratitude for sacrifice, don’t forget to thank personally those whom you know who are doctors, nurses, medical staff, and grocery workers—to name a few—who are taking care of our health needs and food needs at personal risk to themselves.

We at Cleaner Times are praying for our country, our leaders, and the individuals who make up this wonderful pressure washing industry during a particularly challenging time.

Michael Hamline
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