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by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published March 2016

If you have read Cleaner Times over the years, you have probably observed that we frequently talk about the pressure washing industry, and we often publish detailed profiles on the companies within the industry. However, the truth is there would not be a pressure washing industry or successful companies without the individuals that make up these entities.

This month focuses on three individuals that make the industry what it is today. Two of these have been contributing to the pressure washing industry for many years; the other individual is a more recent addition to pressure washing, but she is already diving into the industry and leaving her mark on it. Jim Coleman, LeAnne Moreno, and Keith Price are the three individuals readers will have the privilege of learning about.

In “Jim Coleman: A Bay State Man of Many Interests,” on page 12, we read about a man who has been involved in the pressure washing industry since 1965. In a nod to the important impact others have on our lives, he notes how he was mentored by the owner of a large building supply company where he worked at the time, as well as by his father who counseled him to stay true to his code of conduct. In 1997, due to some health issues, Coleman stepped away from the industry for approximately nine years, but he jumped back into the thick of things in 2007 to rescue his former company and was involved until health issues once again caused him to step back in 2014.

LeAnne Moreno’s profile starts on page 20, and she has a fascinating story that starts with her serving in the U.S. Navy as a stores keeper, but once she gained a mechanical rating, she moved to working on boilers. After leaving the Navy, Moreno worked for more than 20 years in factory maintenance in plants that produced a variety of items. Her journey into the pressure washing industry came only recently in August 2015 for various reasons including her technical skills, but her character is what has made her such a good fit at DSG Equipment & Supplies.

In “Keith Price: Reflecting on 36 Years in the Industry,” on page 24, we read about a man who was involved in almost every segment of the industry for four decades. Price is very optimistic about the pressure washing industry both in terms of the quality of equipment and opportunities for sales.

These are three great individuals that are making and have made the industry what it is today, and we would love to hear the stories of other individuals in the pressure washing industry, so get in touch with me.

Michael Hamline
(800) 525-7038