Editor’s Note—June 2018

Editor’s Note—June 2018

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published June 2018

       When my oldest son was three years old, we had been working with him on the importance of staying hydrated. Apparently, the lesson stuck, because soon after he expressed concern for what he perceived as his grandma not drinking enough water and said, “Hydrate, or you die!” Though it’s a humorous little anecdote, there is truth in what my son said.

       Even as I write in early May, temperatures are in the high 80s and low 90s across the South all the way up to our nation’s capital. The heat will increase, and temperatures will get hotter as the summer wears on, which is why Diane Calabrese wrote the article “Summer Is the Season for Growth.” You can read it on page 6. It provides tips on when to start hydrating and what types of fluids to stay away from since they cause dehydration. It also addresses issues like distracted driving and staying safe from summer storms, which often include lightning.

       In the article “Selling Cabinet Parts Washers” on page 10, it is pointed out that “washing parts inside a cabinet or chamber makes it easier to contain the material being removed and any chemical applied—good outcomes and good selling points.”  There are many uses for these aqueous parts washers, so those who include them as items to sell have a big market to reach.

       Finally, don’t forget to read the article “Proposition 65 Warning: May Cause Cancer” on page 42. The regulations associated with the Californian proposition are onerous and expensive. If you’re able to attend the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association’s regional meeting on June 11 in Minneapolis, MN, Dr. Marlo Dean will address the challenges associated with this proposition on the pressure washing industry.

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