Editor’s Note—June 2017

Editor’s Note—June 2017

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published June 2017

When people ask what my job is, they are often amazed to find out that one of my responsibilities is to publish a 56–64-page monthly trade journal on the pressure washing industry. Some of the responses I hear are “Wow! There’s a magazine devoted to the pressure washing industry?” and “You publish it how often? Every month? Are you kidding me? What do you talk about?” As I survey the June issue of Cleaner Times, I see a wide range of topics that I know we’ve barely scratched the surface on, plus a multitude of topics that we couldn’t address due to space limitations.

This month starts by talking about the opportunity there is in cleaning aquariums. On page 6, ReBecca Savard, President of Fish Works in Framingham, MA, notes there are cleaning opportunities in walkways, overhead glass/glass-like enclosures, parking lots, and building exteriors. Plus, with specialized knowledge of tropical fish, a contractor can add cleaning of aquariums.

If you want to really expand your horizons, consider the article (and the opportunities it presents) “Competition Coupled with Clarity” on page 10, which details the options for growing your business in Australia. The article states that the industrial market is quite robust, because mining accounts for much of the economic activity in Australia. One way to get to know the market in Australia better is through a visit to the Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association at www.ausjetinc.com.au/about-us.

Not only are there articles in this issue helping you expand your business, but there are also articles that can aid your company in becoming more efficient and in working safely. By the time you read this issue, summer will almost be here officially. The article, “Be Prudent, Stay Safe, and Enjoy Summer” on page 28, provides several tips for taking care of your body in the heat. In addition, there are helpful articles on implementing financial best practices, running an efficient shipping department, and dealing with increases in property taxes.

In short, there are many important topics that relate to your business in the pressure washing industry that fill up just one month of Cleaner Times. We would love to hear from you on other important topics that you want to see addressed in an upcoming issue.


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