Editor’s Note—July 2017

Editor’s Note—July 2017

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published July 2017

Who Doesn’t Like A Clean Shower?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about getting clean in a shower, my desire is that the
shower and shower curtain be clean. It doesn’t take long for soap residue, dirt, minerals in the water, and more to leave streaks and spots on the floor, walls, and shower curtain. Yuck! If the shower is dirty, I don’t feel clean regardless of how much soap I use,
so this leads me to clean the shower fairly frequently. So, what do clean showers have to do with pressure washing (or steam cleaning)?

Well, just as I value a clean shower, I also realize after reading Diane Calabrese’s article “Steam Cleaning in Food Processing” on page 6 that I greatly appreciate good hygiene in food processing facilities. In the article, Calabrese discusses the importance of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which was signed into law in January 2011 and aims to prevent food contamination. In speaking positively about FSMA, Yujin Yoo Anderson with Steamericas says, “Our industry needs to be more aggressive about educating the food industry on sanitation in general. Steam can benefit the food industry greatly and reduce disease outbreaks in many cases. The FSMA is keeping food processors on their toes.” Yoo Anderson sees the FSMA as a good thing for the industry and notes, “It’s about doing it right and ensuring the cleaning practice encompasses sanitation requirements beyond getting rid of visual components.” I realize that regulations add burdens to businesses to varying degrees, but as a consumer of food that makes its way through various food processing facilities, I am thankful for requirements that improve sanitation.

Whether it’s a clean shower or a sanitized food processing facility, I’m thankful for the benefits of both. I trust this issue will be helpful and would love to hear from you about your company, your story, or a job that others in the industry could learn from. Happy 4th of July, and may you enjoy celebrating our country’s independence.


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