Editor’s Note—February 2024

Editor’s Note—February 2024

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2024

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year and now we’re already looking at the month of February. The older I become, the faster time flies.

On page x we are educated about the necessity of cleaning and sanitizing the inside of freight trailers. We are reminded that the FDA wants to make sure that any transportation equipment that is carrying food can do so in a way that will prevent the food from becoming contaminated and unfit for human consumption. Jason Rhoads is with Whiting Systems in Alexander, AR, and he points out that the nature of what is involved in the labor involved to effectively do this type of cleaning. He says, “Even if the best employees are hired, you will often still have inconsistent wash methods,” and, “Washing and cleaning are different than the sanitizing or disinfecting these refrigerated haulers are mandated to achieve.” It’s a necessary and dirty job, and this article walks you through a variety of considerations.

Turn to page xx to read Terri Perrin’s article that highlights the establishment of a U.S. manufacturing facility of PA. Long-time readers will know this is a company founded in Italy, but in 2022 the company was able to expand their operations and moved to Minnesota.

On page xx we are introduced to the CETA 2023 award winners: William (Bill) Sommers—Lifetime Achievement, Jim O’Connell—Lifetime Achievement, Melvin Farley—Distinguished Service, and Brenda and John Purswell—Lifetime Membership. These are well-deserved winners, and it’s great to hear a little from them about the meaning of receiving these awards.

Finally, turn to page xx to read Mike Dingler’s article, “What is an ‘A’ Player and How Can I Attract and Employ Them?” He points out that most A players can be found hard at work and that to hire them means your company needs to scream excellence. He comments, “Employing an A player takes the right culture, pay, workload, and life balance.” Read on to find out more.

Cleaner Times hopes you have a great February and would like to hear from you by emailing mhamline@cleanertimes.com.

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