Editor’s Note—February 2020

Editor’s Note—February 2020

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2020

Have you heard of the 21/90 rule? If you use Google to search for it, a summary says, “It takes 21 days to create a habit, 90 days to create a lifestyle.” By the time you read this February issue, we’ll probably be five to six weeks into 2020. What habit and lifestyle changes are you implementing in your physical, spiritual, and business spheres, to name a few? Whether you started in January or not, there is still time to start or build on lifestyle changes as February arrives.

Cleaner Times has editorial throughout the February issue that will help you to implement new habits. In the article “Establishing an Individual Development Plan” on page 38, Diane Calabrese says, “The IDP serves employer and employee. The employee sets goals that align with the needs of the employer. But the goals first and foremost strengthen the employee, who will become more capable….” Examples of IDPs can be found in a variety of locations online, and these can be adapted to fit each individual’s work setting.

Some habits and lifestyle changes can be caught by observing respected individuals and copying them. Kathy Danforth has profiled Gregg Brodsky, the 2019 CETA Lifetime Achievement Award winner, on page 24. He has been a part of the cleaning equipment industry for almost 49 years. He shares about the importance of being professional, having the support of your family (particularly your wife), developing and deepening business relationships, and being an ambassador for the industry. Brodsky states, “When you’re proud of an industry and the company you work for, and you truly enjoy what you do, it becomes you.”

Beth Borrego is updating the chapters in the Pressure Washer’s Guidebook (PWG). These articles will run in CT for the next several months, and “Chapter One: A Marketing Primer” is on page 6. She talks about the importance of having a plan for your business; the difference between sales, marketing, and advertising; and the demographics of your market.

Cleaner Times wishes you great success in creating new habits and lifestyle changes in 2020.

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