Editor’s Note—February 2017

Editor’s Note—February 2017

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2017

Take a look in your rearview mirror, and wave goodbye to the first month of 2017. Hopefully, it has been a great month for your business and for you personally. As concerns your business, I hope that the financial and business-related goals you set are being established and that you can move into February building on your current success.

One goal that should always be a part of your business is to carry out safety practices for your employees and yourself. As the article “Cleaning in Confined Spaces” on page 18 states, cleaning tanks is more prevalent on the Gulf Coast while cleaning silos is accomplished more frequently in the Great Lakes region. One important piece of advice warns, “Be aware of the exact hazards involved before beginning work in a confined space and have the proper training and permit for entry.” Joel Shorey at Wash on Wheels in Englewood, CO, comments, “So if you’re called for a confined space job, be aware of the many extra requirements to do the job. You will need to add them to the invoice to cover your costs.”

A second goal is to protect the environment, as written about in “Putrefaction Keeps the Earth a Pleasant Place” on page 22. Contractors are having to take on more and more responsibility in water capture and proper disposal or reuse of water. There are many options for how to carry out this responsibility, and reading this article will help your company decide what may be the most cost-effective and efficient way to care for the surrounding environment.

Finally, a third goal for your business should be to network in order to learn from others how to improve your business, solve difficult job-
related issues, and enjoy building friendships with others in the industry. Therefore, take time to read about PWNA’s Annual Convention on page 26 to see what some of the attendees gained. Then, make plans to attend
in 2017 so you can experience it yourself. For more information, visit www.pwna.org.

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