Editor’s Note—December 2020

Editor’s Note—December 2020

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published December 2020

     The last month of 2020 has arrived. I’m sure if we were to poll most people in North America (and even worldwide), we wouldn’t be surprised to see that many are eager to wave goodbye to an often sad, challenging, and contentious year. Though certain changes will be made as we head into 2021, there will still be many of the same issues and challenges that we faced in 2020, which will continue to impact the New Year. So, we must face these challenges head on in December 2020 and as the calendar turns to 2021.

     On page 6, Diane Calabrese writes about the “State of the Industry.” Roy Chappell with Chappell Supply and Equipment points out the growth in water recycle and reuse as an opportunity to increase business.  He sees other fields for growth, such as new construction in food processing and water filtration for cannabis cultivation, to name a few. Be prepared for whatever curveballs may come your way, and adapt to the changes.

     On page 16, Wesley Bloeme with WiseGuys Pro-Wash LLC in Atlanta, GA, shares how he has adapted his business model in 2020 and encourages people to consider now as the time for a business start-up.  He was inspired by his own dad, the owner of many small businesses; and in his freshman year of college in 2014, Wesley started pressure washing. He is seeing tremendous growth in jobs, employees, and revenue. When asked about aspiring entrepreneurs considering a power washing business startup, he says, “I think they should do it…especially in this time.”

     On page 24, Beth Borrego dives into the important marketing plan document. She notes, “A well-written marketing plan will illustrate how your company plans to position itself in the market so that consumers can clearly see that they have a need to purchase your services.” She details the importance of creating a mission statement, defining market segments for each of your services and products, identifying direct and indirect competition, and establishing good pricing for your services and products.

     Additional articles in this issue address shipping needs, air compressors, industry trends, and business resolutions.

     Continue to press on and persevere in 2020. Cleaner Times wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Michael Hamline
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