Editor’s Note—August 2016

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Editor’s Note—August 2016

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published August 2016

When I am in a new environment around people who don’t know me, it is often the case that the conversation turns to what one does for a living. In finding out that I am an editor for Cleaner Times, they always want to know what the magazine is about. I am often met with amazement that there could be a monthly publication for the pressure washing industry.

As I survey the August issue, however, I realize that the topics that intersect with the pressure washing industry are so wide and diverse that it is not possible to exhaust what needs to be written on and discussed in a mere 56–64 pages. This is why Cleaner Times comes out every month because the individuals and the companies that make up this industry are dealing with a wide range of issues as they go about their livelihood.

  Some of these issues deal with economic theory, which is what Kathy Danforth addresses in her article “The Rising Cost of a Free Lunch” on page 6. There is a need for employers and employees alike to understand the core tenets of an economy run on capitalism/free market versus socialism. This article can only scratch the surface, but it is an important start. Terri Perrin’s article “The ‘Net’ Generation: Working with Millennials” found on page 20 is the first of a two-part series that lets us hear from millennials and non-millennials (all in the same family) on their perspective about how the largest generation is interacting within the pressure washing industry.

Other issues dealt with this month are addressed by Diane Calabrese in “Government Contracts: A Lot of Work… but Worth the Effort” on page 12; “Pressure Washer’s Guidebook: Caring for Your Tools” on page 16; “Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)” on page 24; “One Direction Doesn’t Work in Business Succession” on page 30; “Pressure Washer Maintenance Made Easy” by Dan Leiss of Steam Jenny on page 34; “Financial Security: Protect Your Customers and Your Business” on page 38; and “ESOP Benefits Far Exceed Goodbye” by Mark Battersby on page 44.

A quick glance at the titles alone in this August issue of Cleaner Times clearly manifests the multi-faceted nature of the pressure washing industry. So start reading and let us hear from you about other topics, individuals, or companies that need to be talked about for the benefit of all.

Michael Hamline
(800) 525-7038