Editor’s Note—April 2024

Editor’s Note—April 2024

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published April 2024

If you’re like me then you enjoy a storyline where the protagonist meets adversity, overcomes it, and flourishes. This issue contains a true story where this has occurred in the pressure washing industry. Turn to page x and read “Steamericas: An American Success Story” by Terri Perrin.

The story starts with Homoog Yoo, Steamerica’s founder, who “grew up in extreme poverty in the post-Korean War period and felt strongly that the only way to accumulate wealth was to have his own business,” according to Perrin. So he quit his current job and started importing and selling industrial cleaning equipment and pressure washers from Europe. Then he had a customer complain to him about how much water the pressure washers used, and this customer challenged Mr. Yoo to make something better, which he did and the most current result can be seen in the Optima Steamer.

To learn more about Steamericas and the challenges faced and overcome by Yujin Yoo Anderson, daughter of Mr. Yoo, take time to read the entire article and be encouraged by such a great success story.

On page xx we read another encouraging story about Mike and Monica Dingler and the start of Firehouse Pressure Washing. Mike Dingler aspired to become a firefighter after he lived through a fire that destroyed his family’s home in Brooks, GA. In 2004 Mike entered firefighter school and met his future wife, Monica, who became the fourth paid female firefighter in Fayette County. Due to challenging work schedules that kept them frequently separated, the blessing of a growing family, and financial challenges due to low pay led the Dinglers to expand into pressure washing, which led eventually to being a full-time business owner.

Turn to page xx to read about John Thurman who is the coil manufacturing manager and vice president of sales at Farley’s Inc. during the weekdays. However, during the evenings and weekends, you can find him on his horse, Ned, competing in team roping events while serving as the heeler in the roping due.

Other articles in this issue talk about chemicals, profits to be made in wood restoration, the CETA grant program, traits of successful distributors, and car wash tools.

Cleaner Times wishes you a great April and hopes you enjoy the total solar eclipse on April 8. Don’t forget to wear the certified ISO 12312-2 compliant solar eclipse glasses.

Michael Hamline
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