Editor’s Note—April 2021

Editor’s Note—April 2021

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published April 2021

     Spring has sprung! For cold weather lovers and allergy sufferers that may not be welcome news, but I would wager that most folks are happy for the milder temperatures, flowers in bloom, and more daylight in the evening. For those who pressure wash for a living, it’s a welcome start to a busy season.

     On page 6, Beth Borrego continues her marketing series and addresses actions that need to be taken for those who want to reach the residential market. She stresses the importance of research to decide whether a new service should be added for your residential customers. The research can come from a fellow member in a trade association who is outside your service area, vendors who supply your equipment, social media groups, or a customer survey. A survey example for a new service is included with the article.

     Diane Calabrese has written an article on page 12 entitled “Heed the Call—Maintain Your Equipment.” Chris Watson, owner of WNC Pressure Washing in Maggie Valley, NC, shares several important tips about winterizing equipment. Save those tips for late 2021. 

     Mike Hansen is sales manager—water division at Dultmeier Sales in Omaha, NE, and says a pressure washer can be kept in top form by paying attention to it. He asks, “Do hoses show any breaks or excessive wear in the outer cover? Can wire braids be seen or felt protruding from the cover? Are there any leaks from trigger wands or swivels?” Much more is shared in this article to help maintain your equipment.

     On page 16, Mike Dingler, owner of Firehouse Pressure Washing, Soft Washing, and Roof Cleaning Inc., shares steps to take to prepare for the springtime rush. Hopefully, you will have already followed many of his preventive maintenance tips during the slower winter months, so your equipment is ready to go. He talks about greasing your fittings, the bearings on your reels, and all moving parts on your surface cleaners. He also points to the importance of knowing where every filter is on your rig and making sure they are inspected and/or replaced. 

     Finally, if you are on the fence about CETA membership, you should read the CETA Edge article on page 20 about reasons to become a member. Also, learn about the renamed CETA Scholarship Foundation on page 24.

     If you have a good pressure washing story to tell, email mhamline@fcapgroup.com.

Michael Hamline
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