Dirt Killer Pressure Washers, Inc.: Skilled Employees Take the Lead

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Dirt Killer Pressure Washers, Inc.: Skilled Employees Take the Lead

Published August 2014



Located in Baltimore, MD, Dirt Killer Pressure Washers, Inc. has been in business for 21 years.


Services offered by the company include: Master distributor and importer of Kränzle pressure washers in the USA, manufacturer of Dirt Killer pressure washers using the Kränzle pump. They also operate a retail store, Atlantic Pressure Washers Superstore, in Baltimore.

The goals of the company are to promote and sell Kränzle products through distribution throughout the United States and to be the leading commercial pressure washer store in the  Baltimore metro area.

The key employees are:



Jeffrey Paulding, President

21 Years with Company and in the Positions of Management, Marketing, Wholesale Sales, Warehousing, and Customer Service

How do you view your role contributing to the company?
Over the years, I have been the chief architect of the company. I hired all the employees. I created the business strategy, plans, procedures, and processes. I set the leadership tone. I designed all the marketing materials, and websites. However, that said, now that we have all those things in place, my skilled employees take the lead in making things happen. They are the ones who serve the customers’ needs, solve their problems, and make them happy. I am blessed to have such motivated, professional employees. My employees are the key to making the business successful.




Patricia Zermo-Webb, Office Manager

Nine Years with Company, and Eight Years in the Positions of Administration; Wholesale and Retail Customer Service; Logistics

How do you view your role contributing to the company?
I feel that my contributing factor to our business is in our day-to day activities, which consists of taking care of wholesale; having a personal relationship with our customers of long standing; assisting our guys in service, at the counter, and in shipping and receiving. I have my hands in all aspects of our business. We are all cross-trained to do multiple jobs to assist one another as we are a small crew.  In the future, I’d like to be a larger factor in bringing in new business and continue to develop those relationships with new and old customers. I enjoy this job for two reasons: every day I still learn something new and it’s a job where each day is different and keeps you on your toes.



Dan Stewart, National Accounts Manager

Six Years with Company and in the Positions of Wholesale and Retail Outside and Inside Sales

How do you view your role contributing to the company?
I am responsible for bringing in new wholesale customers, training new and existing customers, and making contact with potential new distributors through trade show participation. For our retail store, I am the point man to help our customers determine which hot or cold pressure washer is spot-on for their purposes. Occasionally, but not very often, I get to use tools. When the mechanics are too busy, I build gun-jets and lances, along with soap injectors. Most importantly, I open up every day, and I take the trash out on Wednesday.



Josh Lee, Industrial Professional

Six Years with Company, and in the Positions of Inside Sales; Technical Customer Service and Parts; Chemical Mixing; Service Technician

How do you view your role contributing to the company?
As Dirt Killer’s Industrial Professional, I perform a great number of tasks; some refer to me to as the “jack-of-all-trades.”  Trailer installation and custom assemblies are my favorite tasks followed by manufacturing and specializing in cleaning chemicals and solutions. Retail sales and warehouse management fill the majority of my day-to-day responsibilities.  However, I perform service repairs when timing allows, and I am the primary technical support representative. My other aliases are the “Get It Done Guy” and the “One Who Knows Where to Get Things.”



Bill Hillmeyer, Senior Service Technician

Six Years with Compnay and in the Positions of Service Technician; Technical Customer Service

How do you view your role contributing to the company?
In our business, the role of the service technician is far more than replacing parts. Dirt Killer essentially has three departments for which service actively participates. We are the wholesale, national dealer for Kränzle and Dirt Killer products, but we also have a local retail store and service department. My role is, of course, to service machines, but more importantly, I view myself as the confidence behind the product. The ability to provide expert technical support and service for our wholesale dealers gives them the peace of mind that our product is worth the investment. The retail side benefits from that same peace of mind when the customer knows they can buy here and service here. Online retailers and big box stores cannot offer anything close to that experience and that gives us an edge. At Dirt Killer, our team gives our customers the best chance at having a good experience in the pressure washing industry through our extensive knowledge base and our expert technical and sound advice.