A Tradition of Excellence: The Story of VAL

A Tradition of Excellence

The Story of VAL6

By J.S.O’Will Inc. / Published January 2023

Photo by Val6

For over 100 year Shizuoka Seiki has been at the forefront of innovation and design in Japan. Building a reputation for quality and continued reliability, Shizuoka Seiki crafted machines to serve the general public. Among many innovations, one stands out: The VAL6 portable Infared heater.

When VAL6 was introduced into the American market, it quickly became well known for it’s reliability and efficiency. Using cunning research and high quality materials, a heater like no other was born. Still to this day unmatched in every category, VAL6 continues to outshine the competition in the portable heating space. VAL6 is here to serve all corners of the market wit ha lineup over 10 heaters strong brining everything you need in a space heater. Whether you’re looking for portability, efficiency, power or all of the above, VAL6 has the perfect heater for you.

For over 40 years VAL6 has served the United States, providing safe and reliable heat where it’s needed, outperforming and outlasting the competition. In the pursuit of innovation, VAL6 has not stopped after dominating the portable diesel heater market.

Since then, VAL6 has expanded to include a safer, less intense Far-Infared design, Propane/Natural Gas variants, and even an evaporative air-conditioner. Expanding out line-up and researching new markets means that no matter the case, VAL6 has a high-quality solution available for your needs.

From the very beginning of VAL6 in the United States, J.S.O’will has been committed to your needs to ensure that your heater has the proper support it deserves. With over 20 years of experience, J.S.O’will is your partner for all things VAL6. With our network of dealers across the country, portable efficient heat is never too far. J.S.O’will pioneered the introduction of portable Infared heat into the United States; Our rich history in the research and marketing of the cleanest, most-efficient heaters on the market make us the definitive experts on what’s best to solve all your heating needs.

Call us at: (360)-226-3637 or go online: www.val6.com for more information.

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