Chuck Prieur—28 Years of Industry Relationships

Chuck Prieur

28 Years of Industry Relationships

By Kathy Danforth / Published November 2020

On the left is Chuck on his annual Arkansas Thanksgiving camping trip in 2009. On the right is Chuck and his wife, Janie, at the Salt Bowl.

One of the constants in the pressure washing industry for the last 28 years has been Chuck Prieur (pronounced “Pryor”), sales manager for Cleaner Times, who has decided the time has come to retire.

     A native of Little Rock, AR, Chuck attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville before completing his degree in marketing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Following graduation he spent about a year in the manager trainee program at J.C. Penney and the next 10 years as an advertising sales representative for what was then the Arkansas Gazette. After working for a local pool and spa company, he settled into the pressure washing field—which was new to him as well as most people—in 1992.

Chuck in 1992 when he started with Cleaner Times. He made it six weeks without the beard.

     Watching the industry grow has been part of the fun, and with connections to the industry leaders, he has been part of the process. Debbie Murray, managing director of CETA, says:
     A picture is worth 1,000 words, and Chuck has taken at least that many pictures. He has been taking pictures to help us commemorate each year and each event CETA has participated in. He has been the only man allowed at a Women of CETA event, and I am sure that was his favorite! Chuck has been such an important part of CETA. I believe everyone has a great relationship with Chuck because he is always ready to help in any way needed.
     Chuck has a way of making you smile and laugh even if your day isn’t going so well. At the end of every single conversation we have, Chuck tells me, “No,”—a little joke between us and something I will miss hearing him say. I am sad to see him go but am wishing him all the best in this next stage of life! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your retirement!

On the right Chuck is standing at registration for PowerClean 2002.

     Terry Connett at BE Power Equipment shares:
     I met Chuck at the first CETA PowerClean show that I attended back in 1995 in Atlanta and have had the pleasure of working with him over the years on our advertising needs. He has always been professional and did his job well. Chuck always made time to come by our booth and visit at the annual trade shows. He has been a delight to work with over the years and will be missed. I hope you have a great retirement, Chuck, and I wish you the best!

     Terry also adds, “I would call the office, and when he picked up the line, I would say, ‘What’s up, Chuck?’ His reply,  ‘vomit’! There’s a little Chuck humor for you!”

     Ed Simon with Giant Pumps says, “I have known Chuck for at least 20 years. He has a genteel way about him and was always ready to share a good story or two. His positive presence and smile have always been something to look forward to throughout the years.”

Standing with Charlene Yarbrough, former publisher of Cleaner Times, and holding a plaque of recognition from CETA at his retirement celebration.

     A note from Angie Farley Thurman at Farley’s Inc. also shows the personal bonds Chuck forged during his years in the industry:   
     Chuck Prieur has had an enormous impact on our industry over the years. He has worked tirelessly to promote and support each company involved with CETA and the power washing industry. But, what sets Chuck apart is the way he treats every person he meets. I have known Chuck for nine years, and he always has a cheerful countenance no matter what the circumstances. There have been days when I am frazzled at work and I’m pulling my hair out; Chuck will call (and he always seems to know when I need to hear from him), and we visit for a little while. In no time at all he has me smiling, laughing, and feeling thankful that I get to work in an industry that has exceptional people like Chuck.
Chuck, it has been my honor to get to work with you and, more importantly, to become friends with you and Janie. I am so excited for the adventures you guys are going on, and I could not be happier for you. Thank you for all you have done for me, my parents, our company, and our industry. You will be missed. Hugs, Angie

On the left is Chuck iith his son, Chris. On the right is Pop with Masen.

    Ben Hagemann, current CETA president, expresses his appreciation for Chuck’s work in the industry:
     It was great to see Chuck at all the CETA events.  He was always hard at work publicizing our industry. For large group pictures and ribbon cutting ceremonies, the best place to look was always at the small camera! I can think of a couple of occasions where he connected American Pressure to other companies to help them. His regular check-ins and visits were always nice. He was a familiar face at almost any CETA event, and on behalf of CETA, I wish him an enjoyable retirement.

     The relationships formed during his time in the industry are Chuck’s greatest legacy. He will be missed, but we wish him well as he begins his retirement adventure

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