CETA Member Profile: New Faces—The Hose Company

CETA Member Profile

New Faces—The Hose Company

Published October 2021

What year did the company start?

     The Hose Company was established in 2013.

Where is the company headquarters located?

     Our headquarters can be found at 300 Warehouse Dr., Matthews, NC 28104.


Who is the company principal?

     Robert Smith is the general manager (GM) and managing partner. 

What product lines/products does your company offer?

     We offer hydrauli-flex fierce jet and fierce jet extreme pressure wash hoses, hydrauli-flex softjet softwash hoses, and hydrauli-flex hydraulic hoses. 

What is a brief history of the company? 

     We started in 2013 as a hydraulic hose manufacturer serving the construction manufacturing industry. In 2017 our factory became a joint venture (JV) with Caterpillar, and we expanded production into industrial hoses and hose wrap. This is when we began the fierce jet pressure wash line.

What is the company business philosophy?

     We focus on being our customers’ one-stop shop when it comes to hoses and accessories.


What are the advantages/benefits of working in the pressure washing industry?

     We love supporting our distributors, most of whom came from the contracting side of the business and have become successful small businesses supplying pressure wash products.  

What are the challenges your company faces?

     Current supply chain restraints such as raw material shortages, cost increases, labor shortages, and increased freight costs and lead times have been our biggest challenges in 2021.

Why did you join CETA?

     We joined CETA for the opportunity to meet our end users, to generate leads in new geographic areas we have not yet explored, and to show appreciation to our current customers.

How can interested parties contact you?

     Reach out to our inside sales manager, Scott Inks, at sinks@hydraulichose.com, or call 1-800-698-5754, ext. 1808.

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