CETA Member Profile: Hotsy Equipment Company

CETA Member Profile

Hotsy Equipment Company

Published September 2019

Editor’s Note: The CETA Member Profile highlights either a new or a returning company to membership in CETA.

How was the company founded?

Hotsy Equipment Company was purchased by Bill Day in 1981 from the original Hotsy distributor. There were two employees—Linda Parson, who is still with the company today, and a service tech.

How has it grown/evolved over time?

We began with the original location in Charleston, WV. Within a few years, a neighboring dealership north of us in Clarksburg, WV, was acquired. This began our primary growth model of expansion through acquisition. Of the nine locations we presently have, eight were a result of acquisition. Raleigh, NC, is the only location that was not acquired.

Who are the company principals?

Bill Day (Owner) and Bryson Cox (VP of Operations)

What product lines/products does your company offer?

  • Hotsy, Landa, Kärcher, Mi-T-M, Alkota, and Nilfisk sales and service
  • Cuda and JRI parts washers and customer cleaning systems
  • Steamericas steamers sales and service
  • Kärcher floor care sales and service
  • Mi-T-M and Watermaze wastewater treatment sales and service
  • Chemical sales

What services do you offer?

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term rentals
  • On-site preventive maintenance agreements
  • Drum and bulk chemical delivery
  • Complete water treatment sales and installations
  • All aspects of the pressure washer industry

What is one piece of advice you would want to share with your current customers?

The one piece of advice for our current customers is no advice at all! It is just simply a thank you. Thank you for providing Hotsy Equipment the ability to serve you. Thank you for helping to create a company that provides for almost 50 people and their families. Thank you for giving me a career and a lifetime of memories.

What is the company’s business philosophy?

Do the right thing; take care of your people.

What are the advantages/benefits of working in the Pressure Washing Industry?

Our customers are the advantage. We have assembled a dedicated team of great support staff to service our local markets. We get to know our customer and they get to know us.

What are the challenges your company faces?

Like many other brick and mortar dealerships, we face future challenges adapting to online purchasing habits and trends.

Growth has somewhat been stagnated due to the tightening of the labor market. Finding qualified people in all aspects of our business has been a challenge.

What professional organizations is the company a part of? Why?

I would consider our “Mastermind Group” our most important membership. Made up of approximately 12 distributors, it has been a key contributor to our success. 

What lessons would you share with others in the industry? (other distributors, service centers, etc.)

Do the right thing! This is what we have built our culture around. It has encapsulated our company culture, providing great customer service that has always kept us moving forward.

How is the business involved in the community?

We give back to the community via miscellaneous donations.

What are your business plans for the future?

We are on a plan for growth! We are constantly in the market to acquire dealerships of all sizes and product lines. We have purchased two dealerships over the last three years, and we have others that we are talking to now. We have developed a strong business model that brings strong established companies into our business and allows them to continue to flourish.

How can interested parties contact you?

Please see our website at hotsyonline.com for contact information.  You can reach Bill Day at bday@hotsyonline.com or (724) 934-8880, or Bryson Cox at bcox@hotsyonline.com or 614-274-6879. 

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