Best Practices for Chemical Usage

Best Practices for Chemical Usage

Published February 2023

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Cleaning Heavy Grease and Oil From Machinery
By Chemical Dynamics

     Regularly removing grease and oil from industrial equipment is necessary for maintaining the integrity of the machinery. When large amounts of buildup begin to inhibit the performance of the machinery, it can become costly. Start by removing any large buildup that can be dislodged by hand. Next, use a pressure washer to remove any remaining buildup. Using warm or hot water can help soften the debris. Apply a heavy-duty degreaser with a tank sprayer to all areas to be cleaned. (Be sure to read product instructions for proper dilution ratios.) Allow the degreaser to soak for the recommended time and rinse with a pressure washer. Chemical Dynamics specializes in high-performance cleaners for industry and carries a variety of products for specific cleaning needs. 

     Visit chemdyn.com to view our full line of products or call 800-545-6804. Our team will find the best solution for your cleaning task!

Always Follow Chemical Safety
By Aaron Raymond, Owner

     Chemical safety should always be followed no matter what product you are using. Waterborne materials are the easiest to use, store, and transport, but you should always familiarize yourself with the specifications of the product you are using. The best practice you can implement is to set up a quality control system for you and your employees to follow. 

     Once you receive the product you will want to start by assigning a certain place to store the products. Some materials require a catch basin to prevent release into the environment or drains. Temperatures are also a factor for storage. Next you will need to know what the requirements are for transportation in your area. You would not want your employee to be pulled over and be unfamiliar with the rules and safety equipment you need to have on hand. Finally you will need to know what safety equipment you will need when applying the product. Even if the product states it is water based or nonhazardous, there will be safety protocols to follow. 

     For more information, contact Deco Products at 800-500-DECO or visit www.DECOProducts.com.

Chemical Program Savings
By Joseph Daniel, CEO

     Saving money in your chemical program is best accomplished by working with a high-quality chemical supplier and not cutting corners to save pennies while dollars fly over your head. Using high-quality and highly concentrated cleaning chemicals may seem more expensive initially, but this strategy minimizes freight cost and allows for the least amount of chemical usage to get the job done properly. Landed end use cost is maximized, which is all that matters. Critical to this strategy is understanding and sticking to proper dilution rates, so reading product labels in detail is very important. Lastly, there are two ways to make money—cut costs or grow revenue. While managing costs is important in any business, the surest path to long-term profitability and success is to grow your chemical business through expanding your product line into profitable, niche product categories. Make sure you’re working with a chemical manufacturer who is invested in building the right program with you.

     For more information on ITD, call 800-472-1233, visit www.itdinc.biz, and email customerservice2@itdinc.biz.

How To Know Which Products To Use For Pressure Washing
By Christopher Blann, CEO

     Identify the Stain—Is it greasy? Is it a living stain?

     Know Your Pressure Washing Environment—Consider the effects of the chemicals on your clients’ kids and pets.

     Know the Surface You Are Pressure Washing—Should you soft wash or pressure wash? Is the surface vulnerable to chemicals?

     Know Whether Your Detergent Will Be Injected Upstream or Downstream

     Know You Need Specialty Pressure-Washing Chemicals—Are you respecting your equipment by using commercial-grade soaps and detergents? Are you still trying to figure out what to do or which product is best? 

     Don’t worry! Not all pressure-washing projects will require the same approach, but no matter what you need to get started, we can help. Head to PowerWash.com for the best equipment selection. Don’t forget to check out Power Wash Academy to learn new power-washing techniques!

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