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2014 Cleaner Times | IWA Article Index

Published January 2015


Alternative Media

Jun. ’14 Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Alternative Media

Article Index

Jan. ‘14 2013 Cleaner Times|IWA  Article Index


Apr. ’14 Unique Cleaning Jobs: Always Memorable, Extraordinary, and Exhilarating

Apr. ’14 What a Mess: Cleaning Water Towers


Feb. ‘14 Overcoming the Obstacles: The Costs of Doing Business

Jul. ’14 Accountability & Respect: Equal Partners in a Positive Work Environment

Jul. ’14 Employment Practices Liability Insurance Is the Newest Kid on the Block

Aug. ’14 Setting Up Your First Office

Sep. ’14 The Joys and Rewards of Small Business Ownership

Oct. ’14 Breaking Bad Habits is Healthy for Your Business 

Nov. ’14 Outstanding Customer Service: It Begins and Ends with Engagement

Nov. ’14 Tips for Wise Decision Making

Dec. ’14 Which Structure Is Best for My Business, Part I

Buyer’s Guide

Jan. ‘14 Manufacturers and Suppliers Listings

Jan. ‘14 Manufacturers and Suppliers Category Listings


Feb. ’14 Why Your Company Needs to be a Member of CETA

Mar. ’14 CETA’s PowerClean 2014 Set for a Boost

Apr. ’14 It’s Time to Apply for the CETA Education Foundation Scholarships

May ’14 In Memoriam: Honoring the Sacrifice of America’s Military Veterans

Jun. ’14 Building a Successful Small Business

Jul. ’14 Opportunities Are Where You Find Them

Aug. ’14 The Value of Monitoring Cash Flow

Sep. ’14 Trust: A Two-Way Street in Manufacturer and Distributor Relationships

Oct. ’14 One Show to Bring Them All Together: CETA’s Annual Convention

Oct. ’14 Meet the 2014 CETA Scholarship Winners

Oct. ’14 The Times They Are a’ Changing

Oct. ’14 Welcome to Orlando

Nov. ’14 Establishing a Personal Relationship with Regulators

Dec. ’14 2015 Outlook: Optimism Matters…Period


Oct. ’14 Building Community Is about Engagement


May ’14 Responding to Natural Disasters: Prepare, Help, Learn, and Do


Mar. ’14 Pollution-Related Challenges: Sharing in Good Outcomes Requires Sharing in Responsibility


Feb. ’14 A Taxing Guessing Time

Mar. ’14 The Hidden Costs of Overlooked Payroll Taxes

Apr. ’14 Fast Track…and Tax Audits That Ain’t

May ’14 Save and Profit from Disaster

Jun. ’14 Newer New Rules for Repair Costs

Jul. ’14 Tax Penalties for Not Working Enough

Aug. ’14 Extremely Affordable Worker Magnets

Oct. ’14 Rewards for Owning the Building

Nov. ’14 Debt as a Business Tool

Dec. ’14 New Rules to Impact the Lease/Buy Decision

Marketing Your Service Business

Feb. ’14 Chapter Eight: The Marketing Plan, Part II

Mar. ’14 Chapter Nine: Managing Your Sales Leads and Utilizing Consultative Sales

Apr. ’14 Chapter Ten: Excellent Customer Service

May ’14 Chapter Eleven: Reaching the Residential Market

Jun. ’14 Chapter Twelve: Commercial, Industrial, and Government Business Markets

Jul. ’14 Chapter Thirteen: Tying Your Marketing Plan All Together

Power Washer’s Guidebook

Feb. ’14 Bridge Washing: There Is No Typical Job

Mar. ’14 Cleaning Shopping Centers

Apr. ’14 Off-Road, Construction Equipment Cleanup: Start Where It’s Dirtiest

May ’14 Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Jun. ’14 Cleaning Manufacturing Facilities

Aug. ’14 Airport Applications

Aug. ’14 Cleaning in the Grain Belt: Grain Elevators and Silos

Sep. ’14 Cleaning Zoos and Animal Enclosures

Nov. ’14 Agricultural Equipment

Nov. ’14 Paint and Coatings Removal

Dec. ’14 Proper Cleaning Procedures for Trains and Mass Transit


Feb. ’14 Ken Carroll: An Industry Pioneer and Leader for WJTA–IMCA

Feb. ’14 It’s the People: The Keys to Mi-T-M’s Success

Mar. ’14 Bozeman Distributors: A Family Business Putting Customers First

Apr. ’14 The Chappells and the Purswells: Winners of the 2013 CETA Lifetime Achievement Award

May ’14 Whisper Wash: An American Manufacturer with a Worldwide Reach

Jun. ’14 Accomplishing Excellence Across the Globe and at Home:  Curtis Braber Leads BE and CETA to Great Heights

Jul. ’14 Etowah Chemical Sales and Service: Providing High-Quality Products and Great Customer Service

Aug. ’14 It’s All About Satisfied Customers at High PSI Ltd.

Aug. ’14 Steamericas: Providing Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Equipment Across the Americas

Aug. ’14 Dirt Killer Pressure Washers: Skilled Employees Take the Lead

Sep. ’14 Three Generations of Ingenuity at Eldred Environmental

Sep. ’14 All Jetting Technologies: Providing Economical Alternatives to the Mobile Water Jetting Industry

Nov. ’14 Propulse, a Schieffer Co: Leading the Way with Innovation and Dedication

Dec. ’14 Taking Care of Their Customers: Northern Pump & Compression


Oct. ’14 Back to the Future with the PWNA Convention/ Fall Technical Seminar in Orlando, FL

Reference File

Feb. ‘14 Pipe Sizing Chart for Natural Gas & Burner Orifices for Natural Gas

Mar. ’14 Pipe Sizing Charts for Propane Gas

May ’14 Burner Orifices for Propane Gas

Jun. ’14 Vaporization Rate of Liquid Propane & Vapor Pressure of Liquid Propane

Oct. ’14 Heating Relationships

Nov. ’14 Approximate Voltage Drop  for Various Extension Cord Gauges, Lengths, and Amps

Dec. ’14 NEMA Enclosure Ratings


Jul. ’14 Worth the Effort: Working Together to Resolve Government Restrictions and Regulations

Sep. ’14 Stay Involved: Working with Regulatory Agencies


Feb. ’14 Safety Standards for Pressure Washers: Past, Present, and Future

Mar. ’14 Safety Standards for Pressure Washers: Past, Present, and Future Part II

Jul. ’14 Heat-Related Illnesses & First Aid

Sep. ’14 The ABCs of Hearing Protection, Part I

Oct. ’14 The ABCs of Hearing Protection, Part II

Service Technician Training

Feb. ’14 Electricity for Service- people, Pt. 21: Electric Circuits

Mar. ’14 Electricity for Service- people, Pt. 22: Electric Circuits, Continued; Contactor Latching Circuits

Apr. ’14 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 23: More on Latching Circuits

May ’14 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 24: Troubleshooting

Jun. ’14 Electricity for Service- people, Pt. 25: More Troubleshooting

Sep. ’14 Scratching the Surface: Identifying, Maximizing Productivity, and Training Service Technicians


Jul. ’14 Utilizing a Mapping Program:  Saving Time and Money

The History of Pressure Washing

Mar. ’14 Part One: A New Era of Pressure Washing Technology

Apr. ’14 Part Two: Gas Engines & New Accessories

May ’14 Part Three: All Wound Up: Coils and Other Parts, Repair, and Distribution Innovations

Jun. ’14 Part Four: The Pressure Washing Industry Goes ‘Eco-Friendly’

Jul. ’14 Part Five: The Eco-Friendly Advance

Aug. ’14 Part Six: Pressure Washers for the DIY Market

Sep. ’14 Part Seven: Merge: Growing Together How Consolidation Is Changing our Industry

Oct. ’14 Part Eight: Industry Collaboration Strength in Numbers

Nov. ’14 Part Nine: Industry Collaboration—Three Key Organizations

Dec. ’14 Part Ten: Advanced Technologies = Expanding Markets

The Law Advisor

Apr. ’14 To Ask or Not to Ask: Job  Interview Questions

May ’14 You’re Fired: Issues to Consider When Terminating an Employee

Jul. ’14 Paid Sick Leave: Make Sure You are Familiar with Your City Code

Dec. ’14 Corporate Community Involvement: Potential Legal Risks


Feb. ’14 WJTA–IMCA Announces New Strategic Plan

Mar. ’14 WJTA–IMCA Announces Officers, Board of Directors

Apr. ’14 2014 WJTA–IMCA Expo Preliminary Schedule

Jul. ’14 Registration Is Now Open for  the 2014 WJTA–IMCA Expo

Aug. ’14 Hydroblasting Automation, Safety, and Education Featured at the 2014 WJTA–IMCA Expo

Oct. ’14 Come Jazz it Up with WJTA–IMCA in New Orleans

Dec. ’14 WJTA–IMCA Conference & Expo in Pictures