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2013 Cleaner Times | IWA Article Index

Published January 2014



Article Index

Jan. ‘13 The 2012 Cleaner Times/IWA Article Index


Oct. ‘13 Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager: A Tool for Benchmarking Energy Use and Reducing Costs


Dec. ‘13 Kaizen: Improving Your Company’s Work Flow

Buyer’s Guide

Jan. ‘13 Manufacturers and Suppliers Listings
Jan. ‘13 Manufacturers and Suppliers Category Listings


Feb. ‘13 Terry Murray, 2013 CETA President: Experience Prepares for Leadership
Mar. ‘13 Safety and Security for Your Business
Mar. ‘13 Fraud Prevention
Apr. ‘13 Regulations in the Financial Realm
May ‘13 Trailblazing a New Path to Success: Benchmarking
Jun. ‘13 Residential Cleaning Equipment
Jul. ‘13 Marketing: The Engine that Drives Sales
Aug. ‘13 Industrial Cleaning Wide Ranging and Endlessly Intriguing
Sep. ‘13 Educational Sessions at PowerClean 2013
Sep. ‘13 Collaborating on Industry Regulations That Benefit Everyone
Oct. ‘13 Markets and Pricing: Taking a Fresh Look
Dec. ‘13 Bolstering Economic Activity with Balance


Sep. ‘13 Let the Good Times Roll: PowerClean 2013
Sep. ‘13 Exploring Las Vegas: Dining, Hiking, and Golfing
Nov. ‘13 PowerClean 2013: Building Relationships, Learning, and Looking Expectantly to the Future
Nov. ‘13 A Diverse and Interesting Group of Students Receive Scholarships from the CETA Education Foundation


Feb. ‘13 Understanding the New Medicare Taxes
Mar. ‘13 Over the Fiscal Cliff for Tax Savings
Apr. ‘13 Home Free with Home Office Deductions
May ‘13 Those Expensive, Misclassified Workers
Jun. ‘13 Carefully and Legitimately Reducing Business Vehicle Costs
Jul. ‘13 Tax Profits with Equipment
Aug. ‘13 Accruing Cash Accounting Methods
Sep. ‘13 Parties, Gifts, Happy Workers, and a Tax Deduction
Nov. ‘13 Year-End Tax Planning Uncertainty = Tax Savings
Dec. ‘13 The Small Employer Health Insurance Tax Credit

Fleet Management

Aug. ‘13 Do the Math: Older Vehicles Cost More Than You Think

Green Initiatives

Apr. ‘13 Going Green: Conservation,  Growth, and Innovation


Aug. ‘13 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Affording the PPACA in 2014 and Beyond

The Law Advisor

Oct. ‘13 Criminal Background Checks: To Do or Not To Do?
Dec. ‘13 A Primer on Using Social Media During the Hiring Process

Marketing Your Service Business

Mar. ‘13 A Marketing Primer
Apr. ‘13 Developing Your Brand Image
May ‘13 Advertising: Creating the Right Impression
Jun. ‘13 Building Your Company’s Service Bundle
Jul. ‘13 Making the Most of Your Company’s Online Presence, Part 1
Aug. ‘13 Making the Most of Your Company’s Online Presence, Part 2
Sep. ‘13 Promoting Your Business in a Digital Age, Part 1: Online Directories and E-mail Campaigns
Oct. ‘13 Promoting Your Business in a Digital Age, Part 2: Social Media
Nov. ‘13 Networking
Dec. ‘13 The Marketing Plan, Part 1

Power Washer’s Guidebook

Feb. ‘13 Masonry and Brick Cleaning in New Construction
Mar. ‘13 Cleaning Cedar Homes
Apr. ‘13 Awning Cleaning: Choose Your Chemicals Wisely
May ‘13 Cleaning and Sealing Cedar Shake Roofs
Jun. ‘13 Cleaning Pool Decks and Patio Furniture
Jul. ‘13 Cleaning Asphalt: Less Pressure is Better
Aug. ‘13 Cleaning Marble and Monuments
Sep. ‘13 Agriculture: Cleaning Poultry Houses
Oct. ‘13 Cleaning Stadiums & Arenas
Nov. ‘13 Oil and Grease Spill Cleanup and Recovery
Dec. ‘13 Cleaning Solar Panels


Feb. ‘13 An American Success Story: Victor Popovics of Ultimate Washer
Feb. ‘13 Darla Jean Thompson Retires After 42 Years with Cat Pumps
Mar. ‘13 A.J. Spiegel: Mi-T-M Corporation
Apr. ‘13 Meet Industry Pillar: Larry Hinckley
May ‘13 Spartan Manufacturing Corporation: An Industry Leader in Innovative Dependability
Jun. ‘13 Coxreels: Looking Toward the Future While Celebrating Its Past
Jun. ‘13 Ronco Plastics’ Scott Philips: Enjoying What He’s Done for 36 Years
Jul. ‘13 NMVBA and Mike Schramski: Lending a Helping Hand to New Mexico’s Veterans
Aug. ‘13 MTM Hydro: A Unique Business Partner Offering Both International Presence and Personal Attention
Sep. ‘13 Thank You for Calling: Welcome Connections Are Just a Phone Call Away
Oct. ‘13 Faitella Enterprises: Driven to Meet Their Customers’ Needs
Oct. ‘13 Joe Walters: A Driving Force in the Power Wash Industry
Nov. ‘13 Golfing for a Cause: Creating Community
Dec. ‘13 Cross Cleaning Solutions: Attributes Its Success to Faith


Sep. ‘13 Take Two: PWNA Returns to Orlando for the 2013 Convention
Dec. ‘13 Building the Dream with PWNA

Reference Files

Feb. ‘13 Conversion Factors for Units of Pressure
Mar. ‘13 Conversion Factors for Units of Flow Rate
Apr. ‘13 Conversion Factors for Units of Length
May ‘13 Conversion Factors for Units of Area
Jun. ‘13 Conversion Factors for Units of Volume
Jul. ‘13 Conversion Factors for Force and Weight
Aug. ‘13 Conversion Factors for Energy and Power
Sep. ‘13 Temperature Conversion Formulas
Oct. ‘13 Fuel Nozzle Flow Rates (gph) for Nozzle Sizes and Fuel Pressures
Nov. ‘13 Fuel Facts
Dec. ‘13 Oil Burner Altitude Correction Factors


Jul. ‘13 The Pressure Is On: Are You Ready for GHS?
Sep. ‘13 DOT Hazmat Compliance: Developing an Effective Hazardous Materials Training Program


Jul. ‘13 Rentals for Distributors: Growing Profits and Overcoming Hurdles


Jun. ‘13 Safety Essentials, Part 1
Jul. ‘13 Safety Essentials, Part 2
Oct. ‘13 Establishing Equilibrium: Ingenuity and Safety with Chemicals


May ‘13 The Challenges, Strategies, and Rewards of Selling to Contractors
Jun. ‘13 Selling to Homeowners: Millions of Possibilities and Rewards

Service Department

Feb. ‘13 Making the Service Department Work for Your Business

Service Technician Training

Feb. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 10: Single-Phase Electric Motors
Mar. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 11: Voltage Effects on Motors
Apr. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 12: Motor Starting Current
May ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 13: Three-Phase Motors
Jun. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 14: Electric Motor Nameplates
Jul. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 15: Universal Motors
Aug. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 16: Electric Motor Wrap-Up
Sep. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 17: Tools and Testers
Oct. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 18: Pressure Washer Electrical Components
Nov. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 19: Pressure Washer Electrical Components (Sensors, Continued)
Dec. ‘13 Electricity for Servicepeople, Pt. 20: Pressure Washer Electrical Components Wrap-Up

State of the Industry

Dec. ‘13 The State of the Industry: Looking to 2014 with Optimism and Confidence

Steam Cleaning

Mar. ‘13 Steam Cleaning

Succession Planning

Apr. ‘13 The Importance of an Exit Strategy in Your Small Business


Aug. ‘13 Embracing Sophisticated Technology + Paying Attention to the Basics = Cost Savings

Twenty Years Ago

Feb. ‘13 Pressure Cleaning in Wineries, Breweries, and Sugar Refineries
Apr. ‘13 Fish Processing: Pressure Washing Just for the “Halibut”


Jul. ‘13 Discharge of Wastewater from Cleaning with a Pressure Washer

Winter Work

Nov. ‘13 The Seasons Are Changing: Making the Most of Your Winter


May ‘13 30 Years of Progress in WJTA
Aug. ‘13 It’s Summertime and That Means the 2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference Is Here
Nov. ‘13 The 2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference and Expo: Through the Eyes of a First-Time Attendee


Feb. ‘13 WJTA-IMCA Color Coding Scheme for Pressure Hoses Takes Effect January 1, 2013; WJTA-IMCA Announces Online Version of Membership Directory
Jun. ‘13 2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference and Expo
Jul. ‘13 Michael Waltrip Racing, Jet Edge Renew Technical Partnership