Editor’s Note—February 2016

by Michael Hamline, Editor / Published February 2016

Why does Cleaner Times devote two of our 12 monthly issues to coverage of annual conventions and tradeshows? If you remember, the October 2015 issue was set aside to primarily promote agendas and the upcoming educational classes that were to take place at these events in late October and early November 2015. Those tradeshows have now ended, and this month’s issue of CT finds us providing recaps for the CETA, PWNA, and WJTA–IMCA shows.

The reason we provide before-the-event coverage and recap coverage of these events is because we agree with what these associations are attempting to accomplish. In my opinion, their goals are commendable as they seek to promote their industries; to bring the industry together to network and brainstorm on how to improve in areas of safety, environmental protection, and industry practices; and to educate others in the industry on best practices. These are worthy endeavors, and CT wishes to be supportive by reporting on these tradeshows.

However, I have to say that what we can include in these pages while important is very limited in its scope. The tradeshows are described and educational classes are given a brief description, as well as the networking events. But the truth is, the recording of the events in these pages cannot pass on the business information gained, the in-person contacts made, and the enjoyment of being part of industries that are seeking to improve.

Please do read the recaps of these conventions and tradeshows. However, I want to encourage you to start planning now, both financially and timewise, to commit to attending the appropriate shows for your business, which will occur again in late October and early November in 2016. For CETA, visit www.ceta.org; for PWNA, visit www.pwna.org; and for WJTA–IMCA, visit www.wjta.org. We hope to see you there!

Michael Hamline
(800) 525-7038

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