Why Is the Size of a Pressure Washer Hose So Important?

Why Is the Size of a Pressure Washer Hose So Important?

By Bob Isbell / Published May 2023

The size of a pressure washer hose is important because it affects the amount of water that can flow through the hose, which in turn affects the amount of pressure the pressure washer can generate. In general, the larger the hose diameter, the more water it can deliver, and the higher the pressure the pressure washer can generate. This is because a larger diameter hose has a larger internal area, allowing more water to flow through at a faster rate. A smaller diameter hose, on the other hand, will restrict the flow of water and limit the amount of pressure that can be generated. Additionally, a larger diameter hose can reduce the risk of kinking or tangling, which can cause damage to the pressure washer or result in an injury.

Choose The Right Size Hose For Your Needs

     You should also consider how often you use your pressure washer. If you only use it once every few months,
you will barely notice the difference between a 5/16-in. and a ¼-in. hose. On the other hand, if you use your pressure washer daily, you will need more than a ¼-in. hose. In this case, you should invest in a wider option.

Know When To Replace Your Hoses

     It’s easy to forget the importance of hoses when using them all the time as they become commoditized, but you need to replace them regularly because they wear out quickly. Another alternative is to move up in quality to a premium hose. Premium hoses last longer because they stay in service, saving time and money. 

     Most manufacturers recommend replacing your hoses after one year. In contrast, premium hoses provide a warranty that guarantees the life expectancy of the hose. The manufacturer’s warranty is a good barometer for the quality of the hose. If you need clarification on whether your hose will last as long as it says on the packaging, check with your local distributor who can help you determine what type of hose you need.

Buy Quality Parts and Accessories

     You should also buy quality parts and accessories for your pressure washer. This includes spray nozzles, fittings, filters, and other attachments. These items can significantly affect how well your pressure washer works. The performance of your equipment is directly related to the quality of your equipment. The longevity of your equipment will also increase productivity and reduce downtime and costs. 

     Bob Isbell is national sales manager with BluBird Industries. For more information about BluBird Industries and their products, call 844-769-4673 or visit blubirdindustries.com.