Professional Pressure Washing Chemical, Equipment & Accessory Showcase

Professional Pressure Washing Chemical, Equipment & Accessory Showcase

Published October 2021


XH4 Series Electric Pressure Hot-Water Washer

     New Alkota XH4 electric diesel-fired portable hot-water washer, with flow rates up to 4 gpm and pressures up to 3,000 psi. XH4 features the proven Alkota hydro-insulated coil design, with all the benefits of a well-balanced horizontal cleaning machine, and it’s still American-made! Standard features include belt-drive plunger pump, soft dampening system, pump and coil, adjustable front axle for proper weight distribution, corrosion-resistant float tank, built-in wand and power cord holder, winterization valve, 50-ft. high-pressure hose, shut-off trigger gun, and  42-in. insulated wand and high-pressure detergent system. Options: SS coil wrapper, non-flat free wheels, smart timer, adjustable thermostat, and steam.

All Jetting Technologies Inc.

TOUGHJacket™ Waterblast Hoses

     High-pressure TOUGHJacket™ hoses for waterblast applications available from All Jetting Technologies. All Jetting Technologies Inc. is now distributing Parker Hannifin’s high- pressure TOUGHJacket™ waterblast hoses. The hoses are designed to eliminate the need for an additional PVC sleeve and reduce the hose weight up to 16 percent. This allows for ease of handling, improved productivity, and reduced operator fatigue. Contractors are loving the lighter weight and reliability of the TOUGHJacket™.

AR North America

BISW060 Series Cleaning Heads

     With more than 30 years’ experience in the production of washing and rotating heads, Bolondi and partner, AR North America, have been revolutionizing how we clean products today.  Our BISW060 series cleaning heads have become the industry standard in terms of quality and reliability in the trash bin cleaning world. The Bolondi heads have significant advantages over competitors, such as better cleaning results, reduced water usage, reduced chemical usage, and reduced working costs. 

Backrete® Corp.

Eco-Friendly & Waterless Concrete Cleaner

     BacKrete® consumes diesel fuel, motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, and oil fuel. BacKrete® is an eco-friendly and waterless concrete cleaner which “seeds” your concrete with natural living, oil-eating bacteria. BacKrete® will consume diesel fuel, motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oil, and most hydrocarbon-based petroleum stains. A small amount of BacKrete® spread thinly over concrete on a weekly basis will eat the oil stain.

BE Power Equipment

HW3524HG12V—3500 psi, 5.6 gpm

     Developing a truck-mounted pressure washer is serious business. That is why we used industrial components like the Honda GX690 electric-start engine, General Pump GPTS2021, and a Beckett burner system. It’s also the details that matter, like the quick connect battery, oil drain extension hoses, 14.4-gallon fuel tanks, and AGM Marine battery, that makes this powerful machine easy to use. BE Power Equipment: The Power You Need.

BE Power Equipment

24-in. Stainless-steel Surface Cleaner

     If you have a large job looming, you need the tools to make short work out of it. Get this 24-in. stainless-steel surface cleaner for your pressure washer, and you will have a smart solution for those big jobs. The triple rotary arm spins the high-pressure jets to quickly clean large swaths while the large ergonomic handles provide easy control. BE Power Equipment: The Power You Need.

Cat Pumps

Model 66DX50G1I—5 gpm @ 3500 psi

     For more than 50 years, Cat Pumps has been known as the industry standard for the longest-lasting high-pressure triplex pumps available. Backed by world-class customer service and the best delivery, Cat Pumps has a solution for most any high-pressure washing application. The newly-released Model 66DX50G1I offers the highest quality and reliability in an economical package, perfect for pressure washing jobs requiring performance up to 5 gpm and 3500 psi pressure.

Chappell Supply and Equipment

Compact Wash Bay System

     Chappell Supply and Equipment is proud to showcase their compact wash bay system. It features an excellent space saving option. The system is also cost efficient and easy to maintain with variable pressure control on the lance. In addition, it comes equipped with an industrial triple pump, auto start/stop, a five-gallon scoop tank, 200-ft. hose reel, 50-ft. high-visibility safety hose, and wall mount capability. For more information, contact Chappell Supply at 800-525-4970 or visit www.chappellsupply.com.

ChemSouth Solutions

Apple Blast

     Apple Blast is a high-foaming, bleach stable surfactant that is ideal for soft wash systems. It is THE choice of professional roof cleaning contractors for controlling runoff and maximizing dwell time on ugly black roof stains. This product’s copious foaming action and bright pink color help track your work area when added to your roof/house cleaning mix—after a few minutes the bleach eliminates the pink color, leaving behind a clean apple fragrance.



     Here at Coils-R-Us we strive to keep things in stock.  As Melvin says, “You can’t give a coil away until someone needs it, and then you can’t get it there fast enough.” We work diligently to keep in stock some of the most common replacement coils that distributors come across out in the field. Once we identify the coil needed, often we can ship it out the same day. And every coil comes with one free smile!

Comet Pumps

Soft Wash Spray Gun–24-in.

     Comet is pleased to introduce the latest addition to our soft wash product line. The soft wash spray gun was designed to withstand corrosive soft wash solutions while handling maximum pressure at 217 psi and flow at 13.2 gpm. Maintain comfort with the ergonomic grip that features a trigger lock. This spray gun is field repairable and includes an isolated internal trigger spring that does not touch chemicals to reduce down-time. It is compatible with Comet and other branded soft wash products.


GTL Series

     Cotherm’s bulb and capillary thermostats are specifically manufactured for temperature control in pressure washing applications. Made to withstand high pressures and offered with a variety of fittings, our thermostats are available in both standard and custom configurations in our Rhode Island warehouse. Visit us atwww.cothermna.com or Cotherm NA on LinkedIn and inquire more into what we have to offer. We stand behind our quality, competitive pricing, and customer service! 


100 “Challenger” Series

     The 100 Series reels are lightweight, compact, versatile reels that perform at working pressures up to 4000 psi. Steel for strength and durability and a U-shaped frame for 2-point axle support (to provide stability during operation) make this one tough little reel. Add roller brackets to your reel to assist in guiding the hose during both extension and retraction. Save time and effort while increasing the safety of your work environment.

Deco Products

SilaCast BES

     SilaCast BES is a non-hazardous polymer emulsion designed to enhance and create a wet look on porous concrete surfaces, such as concrete pavers, roof tiles, and natural stones. SilaCast BES penetrates deep into the substrate, enhancing the natural colors of the material. SilaCast BES is a single component sealer that can be easily applied with a garden sprayer or pneumatic canister. Coverage rate runs approximately 1,000 sq. ft. per five gallons, depending on substrate porosity.


The Eliminator

     Time is money, so spend both wisely. The Eliminator is an electric-start, V-twin gas engine specifically designed for sewer jetting, so it gets the job done fast and efficiently. Whether you are jetting residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal properties, these machines give you superior performance, durability, and reliability. Choose from 6 gpm at 3500 psi up to 18 gpm at 4000 psi to help you Power Through! even the toughest jobs quickly.

Farley’s Inc.

Custom Machine and Heater Kits
800-522-COIL (2645)

     Farley’s Inc. has the capability and flexibility to meet your custom kit and metal fabrication needs for your specific application. These units can be manufactured for diesel, kerosene, propane, or natural gas. Fabrication is with mild steel or stainless steel, including stainless steel coils if needed. There are unlimited possibilities with these custom-made kits! Call Farley’s Inc. at (800) 522-2645; we look forward to hearing from you!

FNA Group/Delco

Cobalt Series

     We all know hot water is the best for quickly removing grease, oil, stains, and grime; and when it comes to hot-water pressure washers, nothing matches the performance of Delco’s Cobalt Series. Featuring electric start Honda® and Vanguard® v-twin engines, reliable Comet and General Pump® triplex pumps, high-volume fuel tanks, and an easy-adjust Axialign™ belt system, Delco’s Cobalt series pressure washers are designed to meet the demands of professionals who need more from a cleaning machine.

FNA Group/Delco


     Cutting through grease and oil takes a tough hot-water machine, and the Patriot is one of the toughest. As one of Delco’s top-of-the-line models, the Patriot line features premium Comet and GP® triplex pumps, powerful v-twin engines, 20-in heater coils, high-capacity fuel tanks, onboard dual outlet generators, the patented Axialign pump mount system, and so much more. For more information on the Patriot and the full Delco line, visit delco-cleaning.com or email sales@delco-cleaning.com.

Front 9 Restoration

F9 Double Eagle, F9 Efflo, F9 BARC, and F9 Groundskeeper

     Welcome to the world’s best restoration cleaners! F9 stands for “Front 9 Restoration.” We have four flagship restoration cleaners, F9 Double Eagle, F9 Efflo, F9 BARC, and F9 Groundskeeper. The F9
is our 100-page inorganic stain restoration manual. This incredible volume of information is not just about stain removal. We cover almost every possible combination of inorganic staining situation on almost every possible surface. Get it in the App Store!

Giant Industries

Chemical Injectors

     Giant chemical injectors are manufactured in our Toledo, OH, plant.  The injector is designed to add chemicals downstream from the pump.  Available in 1.8, 2.1, and 2.3 orifice sizes, they are also available as either a fixed or adjustable injector. With a maximum pressure rating of 4000 psi and a maximum temperature of 194 °F, they are a cost effective way of adding chemical to your system.  

Giant Industries

P400 Series Hydraulic Pumps

     Giant P400 hydraulic-drive pumps reduce space requirements and costs.  The flange is designed to accept SAE 2B or 4B hydraulic motors with a 13T 16/32 involute spline shaft.  Components include tapered roller bearings, bronze connecting rods, stainless-steel plunger bases, solid ceramic plungers, stainless-steel valves, highest quality seals and forged brass, and nickel-aluminum-bronze or AISI 316 stainless-steel manifolds. Some common applications will be sewer cleaning, hydro-excavating, directional drilling, hydrostatic testing, surface preparation, etc.

Graffiti Solutions

Elephant Snot® & Graffiti Removal Products

     Graffiti Solutions manufactures a comprehensive line of graffiti removal products that tackle everything from the toughest multi-color tags on brick walls to marks on the finest automobile finishes and everything in between. Elephant Snot® is a viscous gel that clings to vertical surfaces, resists drying out on sun-drenched walls, and is effective down to 20°F. Our readily biodegradable, low-odor, and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) products are easy to use and WILL make money for you.

Hannay Reels

N700 Series Hose Reel

     Hannay’s N700 Series spring rewind reel is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and a one-piece hub assembly for ultimate durability and performance. Designed to work in any pressure washing application, the N700 has a compact footprint for tight spaces and can be built to your exact specs for perfect fit and function. This reel has the capacity to handle ¼-in. through ½-in I.D. hose, up to 100 feet in length, and keep it organized and protected.


MCA555 cleaner

     HydraMotion is expanding our cleaning products for both horizontal and vertical flat surface cleaning. The SideWinder™ Surface Cleaner has always been our top selling pressure washer accessory with its industry best two-year warranty. One of our newest products is MCA555 mold and exterior cleaner that produces superior cleaning results on all exterior surfaces. Another is our LFC821, which is a low foaming, neutral pH formula for use in automatic scrubbers or traditional mop use with little to no rinsing in most applications. Email us at sales@hydramotion.us or call 800-726-1526 to become a distributor.


Mobile Wash Systems

     Get the mobile wash you want and need with a completely custom-built mobile wash system from Hydro-Spray. We design and build wash systems for any mobile wash application from industrial high- pressure cleaning systems to wash water recovery—and even soft wash systems too! With over 20 years experience and the best OEM components, contact Hydro-Spray for all your mobile wash system needs. Email us at info@hydrospray.com or call us at 800-528-5733.

ITD Inc.

Pro Cleanse BC

     Pro Cleanse BC is a brushless, multi-surface alkaline cleaner designed to deep-clean brick, limestone, granite, concrete, EIFS, vinyl siding, roofs, and awnings. It is a premium concrete cleaner that will remove carbon, grease, oil, and tire and other stains from drive-through and gas island surfaces. When used on exterior residential surfaces, it will remove oxidation and other unwanted soils. Pro Cleanse BC is also a building restoration cleaner and can be used as a secondary rinse to neutralize acid restoration cleaners such as ITD’s Pro Restore 21.


Custom Hose Assemblies

     Custom hose assemblies from Kleen-Rite: easy, economical, and smart. Forget investing in crimpers and bulk reels of hose that will just sit around taking up space! Kleen-Rite puts together the best hose and fixture combinations at the lowest industry prices, with custom lengths from 1-20 feet, and 25-, 50-, 100-, and even 150-foot assemblies. Choose from 1/4- or 3/8-inch diameters, and color code for easy identification! Fit out your car wash right, with Kleen-Rite!

Lafferty Equipment® 

SS Chemical Foam/Spray/Rinse Systems

     Industrial foamers and sprayers for professional grade pressure washers. Dilute one or more chemicals on demand—including strong dilution ratios for roof washing. Hose-end attachments and downstream configurations feature stainless-steel injectors, ball valves, and quick connects. Quickly switch between soft wash foaming at close or long range, chemical spraying, and high-pressure rinsing. View our illustrated selection guide at www.laff.io/pw-guide.

Largo Cleaning Systems

Largo Hot Boxes

     Largo Hot Boxes are the premium water heaters with 125-degree heat rise and working pressure up to 4500 psi. Our spiral-wrapped, completely insulated, cold-rolled heating coils are efficient, durable, and have a 5-year prorated warranty. We use only domestic coil pipe and high-quality Beckett burners that are legendary in the cleaning industry. Designed to heat water for many applications. Thermostat-controlled hot water is ideal for removing grease, grime, dirt, road film, oil, de-icing, thawing, and make up water for ready mix and many other applications.


Latimat 2.0 Containment Mat

     The Latimat 2.0 Containment Mat has been designed to catch every product that is washed or de-iced. This includes (but is not limited to) de-icing planes, brake dust, oil, grease, car detailing, and detergents. It is our responsibility to supply you with reliable products to protect the environment from this waste going into our drains. The Latimat is portable and inflatable to ensure it is easy to set up and put away.


Portable Gas DHG Series Hot Water Pressure Washers

     These powerful hot-water, gas pressure washers are built to blast away the toughest grime and grease. Compact and completely portable, the DHG Series features a bottom-fired heat exchanger with a 12v Beckett burner and adjustable thermostat. These 4000 psi hot-water units are available exclusively from your Mi-T-M Dealer and include 50 feet of hose, a four-foot dual lance, and multiple nozzles for precise steam cleaning.


Reverse Osmosis System

     This reverse osmosis system can treat up to 1,000 gallons of water per day and removes 98 percent of dissolved salts and contaminants. Ideal for wash bays, this water recycle system uses a multi-stage filter process pushing water molecules through a semipermeable membrane, effectively purifying wash water for reuse. For over 20 years, Mi-T-M has designed and manufactured water treatment systems. The reverse osmosis system is customizable and available exclusively from your Mi-T-M dealer.


GX390 Charging System
www.HydroTek.us or
909-799-9222 or 772-461-4486

     We are proud to announce that we will be upgrading the GX390 charging system on all Dirt Laser SH–SK and Hydro Tek SM–SS and CPS models. The new charging system on the GX390 produces 18 amps. It will be easy to recognize the machines with the new charging system because the new engine color will be black rather than red. It is important to have the proper voltage to operate the Beckett 12-volt burner on a hot-water pressure washer, which ensures the burner always has the correct voltage to operate even when your battery begins to weaken.

P.A. Spa

UR40: The 6000 PSI Turbo Nozzle

     The UR40 at 6000 psi has a patented mass balancing system (MBS) to minimize vibrations to the lowest level. There is also unmatched comfort for the operator and prevention of related occupational injury. The low rotational speed means a higher impingement force and superior cleaning efficiency. With a spring-loaded system preventing shocks between the nozzle and the seat, it can start working even upwards. The nozzle is ceramic, with flow factor sizes from 03 to 12. 

Proaide Products

Proaide Holster

     As a professional power washer, there are many challenges with trying to use and maintain small tools and attachments while providing a service. The Proaide Holster holds all small pressure washing attachments for easy access. It allows transitions to be quick and easy. It’s not only for professional use but for everyday use as well. Landscapers, painters, electricians, plumbers, glass cleaners, window tinters, carpet cleaners, etc. can all benefit from using the Proaide Holster.


Commercial Hot Water Gasoline and Diesel—Oil-Fired

     The PowerJet commercial hot water gasoline and diesel—oil-fired unit is our most popular and versatile as it is excellent for a wide variety of cleaning needs. This unit comes with a 14-hp Kohler gas engine and can deliver up to 4 gpm at 4000 psi. It is equipped with a direct drive system and a 12-volt oil-fired burner. Also available with a 13-hp Honda gas engine. Call 877-765-9211 to find a dealer nearest you. View our complete line at www.powerjetpressure.com.


SC-50 & SC-100

     Scaltrol’s hard water solutions help commercial customers beat scale buildup, saving them from costly downtime and expensive maintenance repairs. To combat corrosion and scaling, Scaltrol scale control systems deposit a microscopic film of polyphosphate sequestrant to all surfaces using our patented venturi dispensing heads. Scaltrol units are easy to install because they are non-electrical, non-magnetic, and non-mechanical. To learn more, go to www.scaltrolinc.com or call 800-868-0629.

Spartan Manufacturing Corp.


     FURY™ Series—Extremely versatile propane-fueled steam cleaners/hot or cold pressure washers are ideal for general and industrial use, food processing, sanitation, and maintenance applications. They achieve a full range of temperature control to 300º F without changing the flow rate. Machines are equipped with standard stainless steel heating coils. Rugged industrial design and automatic electronic controls assure years of trouble-free service. Four standard models ranging from 1000 to 2000 psi are available. Call for additional information and special pricing.

Suttner America Company

ST-83 Sanitizing & Disinfecting Cold Air Fogger

     The ST-83 easily sanitizes and disinfects to remove bacteria, protect from viruses, and it leaves no residue behind. Simply place the ST-83 in your area and begin the spraying process. In addition, attach the handle for hard-to-reach areas. Compressed air is required for use. A large and small fog nozzle insert are included. For more information, visit www.suttner.com or call (800) 831-0660.


FIR-X5 Series
(360) 226-3637

     VAL6 returns with class-leading performance and efficiency, bringing new innovations to the heating industry. In addition to the tried-and-true heaters you depend on, the new FIR Series brings all the benefits of infrared heating with none of the drawbacks of an open flame. The enclosed flame design safely hides the flame away from the outside. VAL6 continues to operate with far greater efficiency than competitors. Can you afford not to use VAL6?

Veloci Performance Products

MTM Hydro DLE28 dual lance

     The newly designed MTM Hydro DLE28 dual lance is the next evolution in chem injection lance durability. The greatest change has been the internals of the valve, which are now far more robust than older models. The valve stem is now 50 percent larger and features only three coarse threads measuring 3mm at their thickest point. This change allows for a single turn to open and virtually eliminates the risk of stripping the brass threads.

Worldware Enterprises Ltd.

EatOils™ BT200™

     EatOils™ BT200™ concentrated liquid cleaning solution with bio-enzymatic action. Ideal for oil and grease stain removal from most surfaces, including concrete, asphalt and soil. Our products are environmentally friendly and safe to use. No solvents, no VOCs, and no harsh chemicals. Unlike other products which only clean the surface, BT200™ will penetrate the area or surfaces and continue to eat the stain or odor left behind. EatOils™ products are produced with the commitment to sustainability.

X-Jet Technologies Inc.

The Original X-Jet and X-Jet M5

     The X-Jet nozzle is a contractor favorite with its true external injection system, introducing cleaning agents after your pump, hose, gun, lance, and fittings and reaching heights of up to 40-ft. or more depending on your machine. Available as The Original X-jet and the adjustable X-Jet M5. Contractors cut labor time and save money on costly repairs on equipment by using an X-Jet nozzle.

X-Jet Technologies Inc.

DS Twist

     The DS Twist is a tough, adjustable downstream soft wash nozzle reaching heights of up to 60-feet dependent on your machines GPM. No more switching tips to get different spray patterns and height reach. Versatility with a DS Twist and shoot! Email at sales@xjetnozzle.com or call 1-800-983-7467 to find a distributor near you or become one!