CETA Member Profile: New Faces—Versa Wash

CETA Member Profile

New Faces—Versa Wash

Published November 2021

What year did the company start?

     Versa Wash started in 2020.

Where is the company headquarters located?

     We are based in Bryant, AR.

Who is the company principal?

     Casey Craft is president.

What product lines/products does your company offer?

     We manufacture semi-automated large vehicle washing equipment for flat paneled fleets (i.e., box vans, reefer trailers, buses, etc.). Our brand is Wash Jockey.

What is a brief history of the company?

     Casey has been in the large vehicle wash industry for over 20 years, acting as a sales rep and then as an independent sales agent. He’s provided manual washing equipment as well as fully automated washing equipment to the truck, bus, and train industries throughout the USA and in a number of other countries. We are the only 100 percent USA-made semi-automated wash equipment provider. We see the American market as being wide open for what we offer. Now, there is no need to look across the pond for imported equipment. Fleets today put an emphasis on time and efficiency in every aspect of their business. The labor savings our equipment provides in the wash bay will positively affect their bottom line simply by reducing the time it takes to effectively clean vehicles. This holds true to over-the-road washing as well. 

What is the company business philosophy?

     Our aim is to be the wash equipment provider for flat paneled fleets needing something more than what manual washing equipment can provide, yet not as elaborate nor as expensive as fully automated washing equipment. We see our job as correctly identifying the right wash applications for our equipment, therefore assisting our customers in achieving maximum labor savings and minimal time in the wash bay.

What are the advantages/benefits of working in the pressure washing industry?

     Our equipment goes hand-in-hand with pressure washing equipment. There is no replacing a pressure washer for the hard-to-reach areas. We focus on scrubbing the large, flat panel surfaces, freeing up more time for pressure washing areas such as frames, fender wells, engines, etc.

What are the challenges your company faces?

     Due to COVID-19 and the disruptions caused to manufacturers, raw materials and their lead times must be watched/forecast daily. 

Why did you join CETA?

     I’ve known about CETA for most of my 20 years in the vehicle/fleet wash business. Our products, M13 and G12, are a natural fit for pressure washer sales companies looking to expand their offerings in the large vehicle wash market, as our Wash Jockey brand goes hand-in-hand with pressure washing equipment.

How can interested parties contact you?

     We can be found at www.Versa-Wash.com, LinkedIn, or Facebook; email sales@Versa-Wash.com; or call (501) 951-1947.