CETA Member Profile: New Faces—RMX Industries

CETA Member Profile

New Faces—RMX Industries

RMX Industries was founded in 1992 by two dynamic entrepreneurs who understood the challenges of the hose industry. The company soon turned to the manufacturing of general-purpose air and water hoses as well as retractable and manual hose reels, realizing that there was a lack of quality and innovation around these products.

     Our latest innovation for the pressure washer industry is our BluShield pressure washer hoses. The BluShield 4100 psi hose is made of 100 percent rubber and is the lightest and strongest, Class A pressure washer hose ever made. It has the distinction of being kevlar braided and not steel braided. BluShield is also available in a 3100-psi polyester braided 100 percent rubber hose. BluShield’s pressure washer hose won Motor Magazine’s TOP20 Award for 2020.

     The company is headquartered in Jalandhar, India. Our U.S. sales office is located in Minneapolis, MN, and a distribution office is in Sweden.

     Abhinav Rastogi (CEO), Kulvinder Rastogi (founder), and Vikas Malhotra (founder) are the company principles.

     RMX offers the following products:

  • High-pressure power-washing hoses and hose reels for universal washing applications.
  • Low-pressure water hoses and hose reels for industrial, farm, workshop, domestic, and institutional applications.
  • Air hoses and hose reels for industrial, workshop, and DIY.
  • Tool bags & accessories
  • Wheel chocks, carts, and hand trucks
  • Fuel transfer hoses and reels
  • Rapid-tie tie-down straps

     RMX Industries is a 30-year-old, family-owned business and is the largest manufacturer/exporter of general-purpose hoses and reels in India. RMX sells in more than 22 countries including the USA, Canada, and India, and countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Somewhere in the world, an RMX product is sold every 15 seconds.

     The company’s business philosophy is to develop products not with the needs of the market in mind but with the needs of the end user in mind. 

     Customer education is the biggest challenge for us. We don’t make “me-too” products, and getting the message out that there are newer and better products available is and will continue to be a challenge for us. As an example, most, if not all pressure washer hoses look the same other than being a different color. You also can’t determine from looking at them how flexible they are and how much they weigh. BluShield is different because it’s braided with Kevlar, making it innovative, light, and flexible. It also carries a one-year warranty.

     CETA is the top resource for distributors in the power cleaning products industry. Their coordinated efforts to bring the entire pressure cleaning industry together inspired us to join the association.

     To find out more, email sales@rmxind.com or call (844) 769-4673. Product information is available on our website www.rmxind.com.