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Affiliate Program

What’s this Affiliate Program anyway?


guidebook-102x150We love pressure washing!

And that’s why we wrote the Pressure Washer’s Guidebook. It’s the best way for you to get started in the pressure washing business or improve upon your existing business.

Once you discover how helpful the Guidebook is to you, chances are you’ll want to share it with others. Why not directly benefit when sharing this valuable resource? 

The affiliate program is a way for you, the distributor or reseller, to benefit while helping your customers become better in their business with this valuable resource.

 It makes no difference whether they are a new business or have been an existing customer of yours for years, the Pressure Washer’s Guidebook will benefit them, which in turn benefits you.

 Also remember, the Pressure Washer’s Guidebook is a wonderful training tool in your sales and service departments.


We offer 3 programs that allow you to sell the Pressure Washer’s Guidebook.


Distributor Program

As an approved PW Guidebook distributor, you can purchase guidebooks directly from Cleaner Times at a wholesale price and resell them at $149 each. As a distributor you are responsible for handling the transaction and shipping of each guidebook that you sell.

Drop-Ship Program

Similar to our Distributor Program, but we maintain inventory and fulfillment. You simply send us the Drop-Ship Program wholesale amount per guidebook plus shipping and we will ship the guidebooks for you.

Referral Program

The simplest of the three. As part of the program, you will be assigned a personal tracking code exclusively for your use. Whenever that code is used to purchase a guidebook, the sale is automatically logged under your name. You will be paid a commission. Referrals can come from any source– your website, newsletters, social media accounts, etc.